Monday, May 18, 2009

Count down to blast off...............

Ok I should be packing.
I should be re-packing.
I should be making a list
checking it twice......
I gotta get in some pictures too!
My nephew found a rabbit, and brought it over.
It is the cutest little thing!
And of course my girls just had to mother it!
Here is Sydney, the blond, wanting to clean it, and mother it.
Sassy on the other hand,
Well lets just say,
She thought it was a toy!
That moved!
She was a good girl though.

Then My Iris's are blooming, and they are all purples and
copper colors, Except this one!
Isn't it just beautiful?
I wished they were all this color.
Oh that is the Columbia River in the back ground.

My Iris's after the wind beat them to a pulp!

Sadie and Sissy, checking out what I am doing.
Got Cookies?

Sadie is the most prettiest red color this year!

She kept licking my hand and then would yawn......
I love horsey kiss's!

Update on Parker
He is growing like a weed.
I am glad to see he still has his hair.
He is actually sleeping in this photo.
Stinker sleeps with his eyes open, and rolling his eyes all over the place!

Then Rick left me to my packing and planning.
So he organized a bike ride!
200 miles they went on the hottest day of the year so far!
It was nice in the morning, but by the time they all
rode back into town,
there were half dressed bikers, with
very bad sun burns! LOL

I will try to get a posting done before heading off on my trip!

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Anonymous said...

The sweetest thing in the entire world is the soft velvet nose of a horse and the SMELL. Most people wrinkle their noses at it, and I just inhale deeper.