Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It is all about the flight........

Every time I think if my trip,
the song:
"Leaving on a Jet Plane"
starts to sing in my head.

But Leave on a plane I did.

Patricia and I left Portland Oregon at 6:30 AM West Coast Time on Tuesday May 26th, and flew to NY.
The flight was 5 hours.

We had a 5 hour lay over in NY.
Then got on the plane for the trip of a life time.

The flight over the Atlantic was 9 hours. Give or take a few minutes.
We arrived in Hungary at 10:30 AM Budapest time on Wednesday May 27th.

Do the math: (West Coast Time)
6:30 AM Tuesday May 26th - Leave Portland Oregon
2:30 AM Wednedsay May 27th - Arrive Budapest Hungary

Hungry is 9 hours ahead of West Coast time.
Therefore when we arrived it was:
10:30 AM Wednesday May 27th.

We took a 2 hr nap and was up and running to see the sights.

I did not have much jet lag from the trip over there. I felt pretty good actually.

So in essence when I was getting up for the day, Hubby back home was just going to bed. That part took more of getting use to than anything.

I did keep my watch on West Coast time, just to connect myself back home.

Flying over Germany
Stats on our flight.
Note the OUTSIDE Temperature.
Somewhere over Germany
Somewhere over Hungary.


dana said...

I do not see how you pulled it off. I'm only 800 miles away from home and so homesick I could start walking home at any time. HOW DO YOU DO IT!!

mrscravitz said...

Well Normally I never get home sick, but this time around, being gone for three weeks, I have about 2 bouts of really bad homesickness, and could of come home at any time. If I would of known how to maneuver my way through the NY airport on the way home, I might have done so. LOL But I made it and had a good time.