Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's for Breakfast in Europe?

Settling in didn't take to much time to adjust to.
For breakfast we ate:
Bread (every meal)
Cheese's, usually a white cheese. Salty or not.
White Peppers which are a very bland version of the green peppers.
and Salami's of all kinds.
Occasionally we even had LIVER PATTE!
As a kid, I knew it as: liverwurst.
(I even brought home some GOOSE LIVER PATTE. Ummm good!)
Don't go YUCK, it was actually pretty good. You spread it on bread like butter.

I enjoyed all the food. It was all very good. Even healthy.
I did not see overly obese people over there, like there is here in the states.

Here is the kitchen. ALL Kitchens had TILE floors.
It was nice. Cool for me. Cold for them. LOL

This is the room where I slept.

The front/living room.

The neighborhood.

Outside of house.

Driveway. Note: ALL YARDS in Hungary and in Romania, were fenced!
Always a 2-3 foot high concrete wall, and then fencing.
If I would of known, I would of made a picture diary of all the fences and gates,
as there were some pretty neat ones.

A sign in Hungarian.

An old car in the neighborhood. It is of German decent, and not made anymore.
I don't remember the name, but it sure was cute, and I really wanted it! LOL

A neighborhood shopping area.

Patricia here. The tracks behind her runs a tram you can get on that will take you into the city.

A resident cutie!

An open market. It was really neat. They had these all over town.

We then went into a grocery store, and I was so awed by everything, I started to take photos. I got three photos taken, and a lady comes up to me and starts rattling in Hungarian, and Patricia told me that I was not allowed to take photos in there. In part because she did not know who I was and that they have had competitive stores come to take photos. I understood, and glad I did get these, and she did not make me erase them from my camera.

The white peppers to the top of the red ones, is a main staple at breakfast. They were pretty good with a bit of salt on them.

Milk. Here is a whole new avenue for me. I drink a lot of milk anyway. But their milk come in these containers, and are on the shelves of the stores! NOT in the refrigerated areas! Then they are kept in the pantry at home. NOT in the refrigerator. It is not refrigerated until it is opened. This is because it is PASTEURIZED!~ LOL Well so is ours! LOL
It also tasted different. I am sure from what the cows eat, what ever that might be.
Took me a bit to get use to drinking warm milk. After it was refrigerated it was not to bad.

LAPTE is the Romanian word for MILK
I think the Hungarian word for Milk was: Tej
Don't ask me to Pronounce it!
The Hungarian Language is a very difficult language, and does not even represent anything I am familiar with. Patricia said it resembles German the closest.
Romanian resembles Spanish a bit, so at times during the last week, I was getting to where I could at least figure out the topic of the conversation.

Patricia's mom and grama said that I would know Romanian if I stayed another month! LOL
They did not know English so it was a game of charades in communications....LOL

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