Thursday, June 30, 2011


I know it has been awhile since you've heard from me and I have a lot to blog about. I will eventually get it posted.

On an up note, I finally got to ride Libby down by the river. Went with a friend and he rode Poncho. They were both relatively good, with one exception.

We got to one point, and no matter what, Libby was not going any further! She just absolutely refused to go beyond this one point. It was like there was a line, or a wall. She even rared a bit, oh about a foot off the ground with her front feet. Lots of circles, and when I would ask her to go forward, she just would throw her head and tell me "NO!" in no uncertain terms.

At first I thought she was being a brat. Then I got to watching Poncho. He goes ANYWHERE~ He would not even go forward!

That got me to remembering the last time I came down here with a horse. It was Sadie, and she acted really stupid and was almost uncontrollable at the time, which was so out of her character!

A couple days later I spoke with someone that lives along the way there, and a cougar had been spotted.

Remembering that, and watching Poncho, it was like, "OK, JODY! LISTEN TO YOUR HORSES!~" So we turned around and headed home! I had a hard time keeping Libby at a walk! She wanted to TROT and probably would of galloped all the way to the pump station road if I let her! LOL

I noticed her bottom lip quivering and her previous owner told me when she gets nervous that she does this with her bottom lip.

SOMETHING was down there. I do not know what it was...but the horses were fearful!

So when we got to the pump station road, instead of turning to go home and letting Libby think she was getting her own way, I turned Libby away from home.....UH OH! She wasn't going to have that either! But Poncho did not have any issues walking towards the water, and once she saw Poncho going, then she relented! Then off to home we went, and once we got on the frontage road, Libby was calm, and walked very quietly home. It was a GOOD DAY! and a GOOD RIDE!
Of course I do not have pictures, because I don't take my camera riding.

Well Yesterday, Libby just was not herself. So I kept a vigilant eye on her. I think she was having an off day. It was the hottest day this summer so far, and maybe she does not do well in the heat. Kind of like me. Just drags me out terrible!

I had ordered a free sample of Winnie's cookies, and I came in the house to get two of them for her. (The samples are awesome! You get 9 of them. That is ALMOST A DOZEN!)
Libby: "I smell Coookies!"

Libby ate her two cookies and wanted more!!!! She even followed me part way back to the gate, but then decided she would go stand in her lean to and pout or do whatever horses do when they have an off day. Maybe the ride on Saturday was just getting to her!? I don't know.
Libby: "Poncho, I know Mom's got cookies! I can smell'em!"

So, last night, I went to Winnie's facebook and from there I went to their website, and I ordered 8 dozen cookies!!!!!!! (There is gonna be a lot of eating of Winnie's cookies around here!)
Poncho: "I heard they're having a big sale!"

They are having a wonderful SALE!
Go check it out!
Oh and tell them:

 "You got more? right?"

 Libby: "I will keep 'one' an eye on her just in case!"
 "Maybe if I look sad and pout she will come forth with more!"

(I am not affiliated nor do I get anything from this recommendation.)

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