Saturday, June 4, 2011

What Mother's do.......

This is the MOTHER!

She mothers ALL baby's!
She has a loving heart!
This is the TROUBLE MAKER!
He gets into everything.
He FINDS everything!
He BRINGS everything HOME!
So the other night, when I stepped outside,
Screech was rolling around in the dirt.

From underneath him came little squeaks of "help me! help me!"
Yes, he had a mouse he was torchering!

Sydney came to the mouses' rescue and snatched it away from Screech.
She gently carried the mouse to the end of the yard under a tree.

Ever so gently she puts it down.
Lays guard over it for a while, checking on it ever so often.

As I watch her, I am thinking: "She is such a good mommy!"

Then I noticed she was making a chewing motion......

To late!
The poor mouse was already gone!

Yes, Dorothy.....Animals DO eat their young in the wild!
(Or anyone's young-uns!)


Nancy said...

LOL!! Ya well she saved the mouse but then realized the cat was right. The mouse was ah treat!

Dani said...

LOLOL Jody this is Hilarious!

Lois Evensen said...

Ah, yes, a raw diet! :))))