Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Had their grand Opening this weekend. 

(I really dislike giving notoriety to this business because
they are not easy to deal with, Long Story for another time.)

It was such a nice day, and we all wanted to get out and enjoy the sunshine.
So we went to see what was going on.
They had a demo ride, in which you could ride
any type of Harley out there you wanted.
That was pretty cool.
Second it was Baby Cameron's first BIG adventure in his 12 days of life.
He enjoyed most of it by sleeping.
Here is Mom and Son.
I know 'mom' is thinking:
"How am I going to ride and pull off motherhood at the same time?"
Mom and Dad could not be happier!
Dad is so joyful he is singing the Harley song to Cameron!
At least I think he is since I took TWO pictures and he appears both times to be singing.
It was a cloudy day, which we were thankful for.
The temps were in the low 80's and it got pretty humid.
Just right for "baby's" first big outing.
He will do just fine as I think he enjoyed every minute of it!

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