Sunday, October 17, 2010

What was so special about today?

When I got up this morning and saw the sun
coming through the trees into the fog,
I knew it was going to be a special day.

Why so special you ask?

Because PARKER got to ride Libby today.
And when we trotted,
he giggled a lot!
(It looks like we are going hell bent for election,
but actually we were doing a slow trot!)
Then it was Briann's turn,
and she kept saying:
"run," "run,"
her version of 'trot'.
So we did,
and she giggled all the way!
(Libby trots ever so gently with the kids and me on her.)
Parker does not normally wear pink,
but my helmet was way to big, 
and since Briann had her BIKE helmet with her
they wore that.
(I KNOW, bike helmets are not proper gear! But it fit and better than no protection!)
The kids had so much fun!
Here is Briann and her mom patiently waiting her turn.
Parker and his mommy.
Then the unexpected happened!
My youngest Son Cameron, wanted to ride.
So here I am giving direction as to what to do
because she is so light on her cues, I 
wanted him to totally understand that.
AND Because of his foot wear, 
He was not allowed to use the stirrups either.
So he was 'horsin' around and Libby was being such a sweetheart.

And here is Father and Son!
Riding "MY" horse!
Yes, I knew today was going to be special!
Because LIBBY has made it so!


wilsonc said...

Looks like everyone had a good time. Seems to me a bicycle helmet that fits is better than an equestrian helmet that doesn't. Looks like you might be in the market for a smaller equestrian helmet though cuz I don't think is the last time your family is going to want to ride Libby.

Gail said...

Instilling the love of horses so young is fantastic!

You found a jewel when you found this horse.

Lois Evensen said...

I just love your images. Your family is beautiful.

Reluctant Cowboy said...

Looked to be a truly special day!
Thanks for sharing and reminding
me I need to take the grandkids for a ride.


oregonsunshine said...

Yay! Good girl, Libby!

Dan said...

You sure have a special horse there, Mrs. C

Not to mention the family she is so gentle with. When are you going to be able to get Rick on that mount?

Toyin O. said...

Looks like you have a great life, great looking pictures.