Friday, October 1, 2010

Boy oh Boy!

With my new camera I am still learning how to use all the settings.
My Daughter-in-law helps me a lot with them.
So I was experimenting,
and Parker was the subject.
 This setting is one where it makes everything black and white
except for a color you choose.
I can't see well without my glasses,
so I usually am just pointing and shooting.
(I take a lot of pictures,
you know, 
just in case!)
 I had to talk my head off to get him to even look at me!
He was so interested in playing with the grass.
 So when I down loaded them, I about fell out of my chair
when I saw that he has red lips!
 I know you can photo shop it out, but 
time and knowledge are of the essence.
(I don't have time to LEARN how to photo shop it!) LOL
And here he is with Daddy...
(Our Youngest son)
Pretending to drive!
He got to sit till "mom" got in the truck
and did not even cry and throw a fit
when it was time for him to get in his car seat
when they were ready to leave!


Lois Evensen said...

What a darling little one and handsome son, too. :) Yes, new cameras are such fun! I like the red shirt and lips shots.

wilsonc said...

Beautiful boys! Great shots too! I like them. What camera did you get?

mrscravitz said...

I got a Cannon Powershot SX130! I love it!