Monday, October 11, 2010

Horsey fun day!

Go grab a cup of coffee, 
(I had to in order to write this.)
I'm gonna tell you a story
about two little kids
that I hope, have horses in their soul!
(Thanks to me, GRAMA!)
For a week, Briann has been talking about
"riding horsey's"
and not the ole Wal-Mart kind either.
For all my efforts of getting Briann to love horses,
It took a FAIR PONY to
install the "love" portion of the almighty equine!
She Loved that pony ride.
Of course 'nana' had to see her ride, and bought her
and extra ticket!
So something reminded her of riding, and all she could do is 
talk about it.
So, Saturday
Briann and Cody, (her older brother) came out
with their parents.
I asked Briann if she wanted to ride Libby, and
I had to run to keep up with her going out to the pasture.
She patiently watched me saddle her up.
and the minute I got her in the saddle, 
she was ear to ear grin!
(I don't have a childs helmet and so she is wearing mine,
because some protection is better than none!)
I walked her around,

and around,
and around.
Posed for some pictures.
Had to talk her leg off, to get her to agree to let her brother ride too.
 See this child?
Look at those stirrups!
One more inch and his legs will be as long as mine!

At this point, Libby was following so well. 
She was being such a good girl.
So I took the lead rope off.
She followed me as if I still had it.

Back and forth,
Right and left.
She stayed right with me.
Then on the way back to the gate, 
I got a hair brained idea to see if she would trot if I ran.
I was not worried about Cody falling off.
He has ridden before,
and he had a foot in each stirrup and a hold of the horn.
AND....Libby has a soft trot!

He started laughing so hard!
The joy in him melted my heart!
I did this several times across the pasture,
because Cody kept saying
"Trot some more! That was FUN!"
And he sat his seat well.
I think he will be a natural!
Look at that grin!
Pose once more!
Finally, "I" was getting bored with the pasture,
so we decided to take a walk.....
Had to stop and show off for Papa....
Enjoying our time together.

This day, 
I had just as much fun as the kids.
(No, "I" did not get to ride
but that did not matter!)

After I got Libby to trot with Cody,
I tried it out with Briann.
For the life of me, 
no matter how much I clucked and ran ahead,
Libby looked at me...
and said:
"No way am I trotting with this precious cargo!"

Libby is worth her weight in gold!
(Well I knew she was before this).

After Cody and I got back to the pasture, 
So I turned him loose on Libby.
He guided her around, and 
gently squeezed to make her walk.
I kept an eye on him, 
gave him some pointers
(from my lesson days)
and since
she neck reins, his slightest 
movement to turn her worked.
I had a halter on her because 
I did not want him accidently hurting her mouth with a bit.
I need not of worried because
He was ever so gentle with her.

When Libby was all done giving rides,
I unsaddled her and 
whenever we ride, 
we go to the lean to to get some treats.
So I did not want her loose with two little kids around.
I put Briann on bareback.
I put Cody on behind Briann.
Libby walked ever so gently with those two kids
on her, bareback.
It was awesome!
I had, "mom" walk along side
just in case anything were to happen, 
she could grab each kid by an arm.
But I should not have worried.
So no pics of both kids on her.

 Yes, I am blessed.
I thank God every night I go to bed,
that I am able to finally have a horse,
to be able to enjoy her to the fullest extent
with my grand kids!

Now to get Parker on the horse! 


Cactus Jack Splash said...

What a wonderful way to spend our day. I love it when I get to share my horses with the grandkids, nieces, and nephews. It is so nice you have a horse you can do that with. Libby is a real blessing.

Dan said...

Ah, precious moments . . .

They seem to go by so quickly and yet can sometimes be repeated.

I hope you have many, many more days like that, Mrs. C!

Warm regards,

Lois Evensen said...

How very sweet! :) Precious pictures that will become more and more valuable over time.