Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Journey Begins........Part four

When I got into high school I had a regular job, and money was not as scare.
I helped with the groceries and we were eating a bit more better.

Although, meals were usually just something made of hamburger.
When Hamburger Helper was invented,
That was all we ate.

I did not have good eating habits.
It was due to very little money and you had to eat what filled you up.
 This meant, lots of breads, starches and high fat foods.
Fresh Vegetables and fruits were not on the menu!

I have battled my weight ever since I went through puberty.
I kept my weight down pretty good till I got married.
When I was out on my own, and learning to cook
I did not pay attention to calories, fat, carbs or any of that.

But boy, did all that food taste good!
I did not balloon up all at once,
No, it took me 28 years to get to my heaviest.
I tried various ways of dieting and got so frustrated.
I would loose a few pounds and then would gain it all back.

In high school I did join weight watchers and did very well on their plan.
But then got to busy to keep up with the meetings.

Finally I figured out that if I just throw away the scale, 
NEVER diet again,
At least I would 'maintain' my weight.
I was tired of the roller coaster ride.

Keeping active with the kids when they were growing up
helped me some.
Just to think if I ate right back then,
how skinny I would be!

But I didn't. 
Skipping meals was the worst of my problems.
I would choose fruit over candy, 
and I did watch what I ate.
But then there were times when I felt like eating all the time.

The kids grew up and moved away.
We bought some acreage.
I felt I was being active enough.
But I also felt tired a lot too.

Then I got introduced to:
I was desperate!
I started to have back issues.
It hurt to walk, and I love to walk!

I knew I had to do something!

Stay tuned for part five..........


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Interesting journey so far

Lois Evensen said...

I understand the weight battle. My mom was a fantastic cook, but every recipe started with a cup of sugar.

I'll be back for the next edition....