Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Journey Begins.......Part five

My journey began late February 2010

I signed up to get the meals.
It is costly, but I figured out that the cost of the meals
is actually cheaper on the grocery budget than
what I WAS spending!
When I figured that part out, 
The excuse: "I can't afford it" would not fly anymore.

I actually had no trouble in beginning the program.
It is easy.
The meals are actually really good.

I really love my morning coffee, and I always have to use cream and sugar.
I now have my morning coffee with a chocolate shake.
Yep! Just mix my coffee right in there.
I tried all the choc flavored shakes, and found the dutch chocolate to be the best and most filling.

Then 2-3 hours later I will have some oatmeal.
They have many different flavors of oatmeal.
It is good,
and it is filling.

Then 2-3 hours after that, I would have some soup.
I found the broccoli soup is not as filling, and really creates gas.
The vegetable beef stew is really good, but you can't look at it while you eat it.
BUT the CHICKEN soup is the most filling an the best tasting.

Then about 2-3 hours after my soup I would have a 
UmmmUMMM Good!
Love those crunch bars.!
They are actually very filling and I have not found one I do not like.
At dinner time, I would fix
my lean and green meal.
I have found that Subway's Salads are great!

For dessert 2-3 hours after that, I would have a pudding.
They have choc or vanilla pudding and 
BOTH are very good.

I would eat sugar free jello as a snack or sugar free Popsicle.
eating like I use to.
I am satisfied,
Full and this is the first Diet where I am not hungry all the time.

I ordered a book called:
Dr. A's Habit of Health.
He has really put into perspective why we eat the way we do.
How to correct our eating behavior,
and is just a very good tool to get on the right track
and to stay there.

So many things make sense to me now.
I am still on a learning curve.
Keeping  that in mind,
I have managed to still lose 31 lbs!
So anyone can do it!


Lois Evensen said...

Good job! I've done some of the same, only not with the meals. It's not easy, but it can be done when we really want it to work.

Good for you!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Great job....

Gail said...

Awesome results for such a short time.

Cheryl Ann said...

You look GOOD! Great job!

wilsonc said...

Awesome job! I bet you feel so much better and have more energy. Of course, you look good too. I've been on the same weight loss journey for the past 4 months that you have been on. I did mine with Weight Watchers and we've lost about the same amount of weight. I'm thrilled at your success. Keep on keeping on!

Tammy Vasa said...

Congrats! You look great and I bet you feel just as good!

I lost 37 pounds 2 years ago. Its been a struggle keeping it off - I'm 10 up, but working hard to take it back off. Wish I had the metabolism I had when I was younger.

Keep up the good work!