Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How DID I do it?

I have had requests asking me how I lost my weight.
So I thought I would let you in on what "I" Did.
I know that this would of been helpful for me and I did try to research it on the internet,
but all I got were video diary's of how people were either successful or failing.

So here goes:

Before I ever started the diet,
(Because it cost's a penny or two)
I talked about it with hubby.
I explained that I would no longer be cooking his dinners
because that would be unfair to me.
He said to go for it, that he would be fine.

With that out of the way,
I went to my health coach:
Dr. Shannon McKinney.
(You can order from this site.)

Here are some FAQ's

Now when you order your meals, you have to order 4 weeks worth.
For the first two months you do get a free week,
making it 5 weeks for the price of 4.

Now what to order:

I found out that in the soup line:

They all taste WONDERFUL and so YUMMY!
Chicken soup is the best filler.
It has chicken and noodles and a few veggies
The Vegetable Beef is really good, but you don't want to look at it while you eat it.
has a bit of beef, and veggies in it.
Broccoli is very tasty but it is mostly broth and did not fill me up much.

In the Oatmeal line:

I liked them all!
The fruit flavors are awesome.

In the Crunch Bar line:

I have not met a crunch bar I did not like.
The Smores, Carmel Crunch and Mint Chocolate are like deserts.

The Puddings are a treat also and very tasty.
They have Chocolate and Vanilla.

The Shakes:
I have tried them all.
The Orange Creme tastes wonderful! Just like Orange Sherbert.
I was not fond of the Swiss Chocolate

But the DUTCH CHOCOLATE and HOT COCOA are really good.
The Dutch Chocolate fills you up more than the Hot Cocoa.
The Cappuccino is very tasty too for a different flavor.
Now when you order, REMEMBER:
You are ordering for a month!

The free week, is at Medifasts discretion as to what they send you.

Each box has 7 days (Packets) worth of meals.

You will be having 5 of these each day 
A lean and green meal.
(I will talk about that later).

So you should get 
4 boxes of soup.
4 boxes of shakes.
4 boxes of oatmeal.
4 boxes of crunch bars
4 boxes of what ever you want to add.
I did a box of pudding
an extra box of crunch bars
an extra shake
and a box of raspberry Ice tea.
(Which by the way is really good, but I wished I would of gotten an extra shake instead.)

That is a total of 20 boxes.
I know you are wondering how much it cost....

Well first off you need a credit card because you will be put on an automatic ship.
You get an email two weeks before shipment, and you can then
go in to make any changes to your order you would like.
Because on Auto Ship they WILL Ship what they shipped prior.

It is very easy to make the changes to your order.
This is either by taking away something you did not like,
and then adding in more of what you did like.

Now before I tell you the cost....

I want to explain,
It sounds like a lot of money

For the BENEFIT!
AND the Budget,

I saved more on groceries than If I did not go on the program!

So here ya go:

For each month it will run you right around $300.00
give or take a dollar or two.

That is $2.15 per meal!
AND you are doing good things for your body!

So my daily routine when I started was this:

I tossed out SUGAR AND CREAM for my coffee in the morning.
But I need my hot coffee...so instead....
I mix a DUTCH CHOCOLATE shake with my coffee.
It makes a thick brew, but it is tasty, filling and wakes me up.
I have tried all the chocolates, and like the Dutch Chocolate the best.
Why yesterday, because I have run out of my shakes, 
I used the ORANGE CREAM in my coffee. 
It really wasn't that bad.

Then between 9-10 AM I will eat an oatmeal.

Between 11-12 noon, I will eat a crunch bar.

Then between 1-2pm I will either eat a soup or cook me a lean and green meal.
I try to eat my lean and green meal at this time, because it fills me up.
Then about dinner time, if I do not eat my lean and green because I ate it earlier, 
I will have another Medifast meal.

Then around 8 pm I will eat a 

You can eat all the pickles you want.
Since I am not to much of a pickle fan, I did not do this.

Before eating ANY MEAL
8 ozs of water!
You will pee like there is no tomorrow!
But you ARE CLEANING out your system.

The first three days on the program
You will be working off the sugars in your body.
Sugar is what makes you hungry.
After this 3-5 day period, 
your body will then be working off the fat cells.

It is also recommended that you do not exercise!
YES! I hate exercise!
But they do recommend that after about a month or two, 
depending on how much you need to loose,
that you start to move more often.

Park at the end of the parking lot, you know, create more steps in your day.

Now for the LEAN AND GREEN!
There are some You Tube Videos of some creative dishes....

Basically the Lean and Green is just that.
A lean piece of meat and green veggies.

I will give you a sample of what I eat:

I bake either a chicken breast or a Talapia fillet in the oven,
in a dish with a bit of water, sprinkled with salt, tarragon and thyme.

Then for me LEAN:
1 TBL of garlic
1 Cup of Green Beans
1/2 cup of broccoli
1/2 cup of cabbage.

EAT ALL YOU WANT of greens!!

I actually did not measure my greens.
In the beginning, I ate a lot of them!
Now I have smaller portions and get full faster.

Celery is FREE so you can eat all of that you want.
I did have a tomato here and there.

That is hard.
You get to add fruit in when you maintain.

Once you get to your goal weight,
Then you move onto phase two
which is a transition phase
to get back to regular eating.

Now I have only ordered 3 months worth of meals.
Yes that is 900.00 worth.
(It is worth every penny too).
(Because I feel so much better!)
I am now looking for replacements for the bars and shakes.
NOTHING compares!
So I will most likely keep those items (shakes and bars) on hand at all times.

This is the beginning, and I plan on sharing with you
my search for substitutes.

I hope this helps anyone out there looking into the Medifast Program.

If you have any questions, 
just let me know and I will try to answer them.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Very interesting program. Thanks for sharing all the details. So how many pounds have you lost and have you also added vitamin/minerals to your diet, too?

Good luck and good for you!


mrscravitz said...

I have lost 32 Lbs, and I do take two childrens chewable vitamins a day. I also had to ad potassium and magnesium supplements, because of not eating my banana's, I was getting some pretty wicked charlie horses. Much better on that.

Dani said...
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Dani said...

Jody you look awesome and this program sounds very interesting.
i have been working on my self as well mostly cutting out Cokes and bread and drinking more Unsweeten tea. You look great girlfriend keep it up!