Monday, January 11, 2010

Simon's World-Changes Daily

I have always wanted a Siamese cat.
I love their personality.
I love their coloring.
I just love everything about them.
Then along came Simon!

Simon was a cutie when I first got him.
Very out going.
Very Playful, and even got into things.

After three days of hissing at the dogs,
He bonded like glue to Sydney!

Here he is, just loving on Syd as if she is his long lost buddy!

Oh Simon is different.
He is NOT your A-typical Siamese cat.
He does not meow.
He does not get into things.
He does not boss the other two cats around.
He does not ask for things.
He hates to be touched.

He does like to roam though.
I am thankful he stays close to home.

He is so cross eyed, that I know his vision gives him triplicate of everything!
Surprisingly enough, he can make his mark when jumping onto things.


I have tried so hard to photograph his crossed eyes....
He can even catch bugs with grace!
and eat'em too!
But every day, he wakes up in a new world.
He hates to be touched!
He hates to be held, But will just go limp if you pick him up!
Just the other day, he high tailed it in the doggy door on a dead run.
By the time he stopped he was in the middle of the kitchen.
Took one look at Hubby and me, and turned and ran out the doggy door!

Hubby said, Simon thinks he is in the wrong house!

2 minutes later he nonchalantly walks back in, looks arond
as if he knows he is home.

Yes, Simon wakes up in a new world EVERY SINGLE DAY!


Gail said...

What a beautiful, uh, handsome lad.

Nikker said...

Love those crossed eyes!! Cats are the best entertainment! Thanks for sharing.

phaedra96 said...

Cats is cats is cats!! Bout the time you think you know what they are about, they change their minds.