Thursday, January 21, 2010

Her Lesson. My Lesson.

We have been having some very nice days. It almost feels like MARCH and it is only JANUARY!
I also got my CLINTON DVD in the mail yesterday and it was on how to work with your horse in small areas, and gives lots of little things to do with your horse when you can't really go out riding.
So this has got me motivated, and the last two days I have been playing with Sissy and Sadie.

We start out small.
I take my jacket off.
Toss over Sissy's neck.
Then I pull it up over her ears.

Then on over her eyes!
Back up to uncover her eyes.
Back over her eyes.
Then I just make her ears hold it up.
Cover her eyes again.
In between times, I WALK HER BLINDED!
She can not see because I have my jacket over her whole head.
I did not think she would do it!
But while she could not see, I walked her about 5 yards!

I learned my horse TRUSTS ME!

Then It was Sadie's Turn.
I had to know if she trusted me as well.
Awe, isn't she just too cute?
Sissy was helping out.
I know she was telling Sadie it's ok.
Sadie even walked with me blindfolded!

My next lesson:
I will blind fold my horse....
I will blind fold my self...
And see how many sprinklers we can walk into!


Anyway, Sissy's opinion of the whole lesson.
Then the neighbor called out to me, and walk tot he bottom of the pasture to see what he wanted.
He hands me this leather contraption over the fence.
Both Sissy and Sadie could not smell it enough.
Both were so interested.
So....More desensitizing.....
Yep, Sissy is a HARLEY BABE! LOL
Over the ear.....
Then it was Sadie's turn.
I had to be quick with the camera because it would fall of Sadie's head.
Have you guessed what it is yet?
It is a gas tank bra for your motorcycle, and this one is for a Harley.
I keep looking at this thing, and I am working it around in my mind, that
I could somehow attache it to a halter/bridle for decoration.

As I leave the pasture, I turn around and my ladies are have no interest in following me.
All the fun is over with for another day.
Sissy gazing off in the open fields,
Most likely wishing I would saddle her up so we can go explore the world.
Sadie just watching me leaving, wondering what other stupid things I am going to do tomorrow!

(I apologize for the black and white photos. Somehow the settings on the camera got changed, and as I am taking pictures, it just looks like something is not right. But without my reading glasses on, I point and click, because everything is blurry close up, and my arms are not long enough to put everything back into focus.  Bums me out, as I thought I was taking colored pictures the whole time.)


Unknown said...

Hey I liked your B&W photos - I am glad you went with Clinton Anderson - I have alot of respect for the man. One of the few TV trainers that I will pay attention to....

Gail said...

I was scared for a minute...I thought Bill Clinton...then I woke up!

Good lessons and great photos.

DKG aka Scrappy Doo said...

I also like Clint. It's such an awesome feeling isn't it when ya know the "kids " trust you ? Have a great evening
Thanks for sharing the lesson

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I like the black and white. It focuses on the subjects perfectly.

Your girls were so cute with the jacket over their heads. I did the same with Baby Doll and burlap sack, too. It makes the horses looks so dang cute and small somehow. Good for you that they trust you enough to follow your blindly.

That harley gas tank bra reminds me of some kind of war horse bridle. Very cool!


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Wonderful, looks like everyone had fun

Nikker said...

I am glad you told us what the black leather piece was...I had no idea! I have never thought of blind folding my horses and leading them...hmmm!! Maybe tomorrow I will give it a try!

EvenSong said...

Sounds like a good winter-time non-riding lesson. Trust is sooo important!
What about using the Harley deal as a breast collar? Seems a little closer to the right scale.