Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On my way to the barn, I saw.....

Today the sun came out about 15 minutes before I was due to go feed.
AWWW IT felt so good!
AND it gave this wonderful orange hue to everything around.

So I thought I would take my camera with me.
I am going to make a habit of it too.

Sissy she will usually run around and buck and toss her head, and I
was hoping to capture some of that.

She was not in the mood.
Must of been the sun shine!

She just walked up to me, and stood around
And then came over to investigate my camera.
I thought I would try and get a good picture of her teeth.
She was eating the bark off some trees, and I thought maybe
her teeth would be clean, but I couldn't tell.
She let me take a ton of pictures of her....
and love on her a lot!!!!
Oh I needed that.
With this crappy days of weather,
I have not been able to go out and be with them.
I think Sissy missed me too, cause she sure let me
pet, love, and kiss on her!
Then I thought...ummmm
We do it with ourselves and our friends.
Why not our horses!? LOL
Sissy was being a doll about it!
I even have proof here she gave me a hug!!!
I am sure she was actually looking for any treats that may of
been residing in my pocket!
Sadie got tired of waiting by her food dish, so she started to
meander over a little bit at a time.
Sissy had enough photo ops, and turned her back on me.

Sadie got her picture taken with me.
She was not to sure of the camera at first, but then
she resigned to the fact that if she was going to eat
she better let mama take some pictures!
Here they are conversing over WHEN is DINNER going to be served!?
Then they tried to sweet talk me into getting their hay!
They were thinking, if we stand here and watch her, she will hurry up!
As we walked back, they each went and stood so calmly by
their food dishes.  They were so good!

So I fed them!
Sissy blissfully eating! LOL
They don't come up for air much once they have their meal served.
As I leave they look at me, and I can tell they were giving
me thanks and praise!
(yeah right! They are just happily chowing down!)
As I leave the pasture this is my walk back to the house.
Here is all the extra trailers and our pickup.
AND...above the shop, which is NOW officially RICK'S SHOP!
No more thoughts of making a temporary stall in there
for MY HORSES! Oh No! It is only for HARLEY'S now!


Cactus Jack Splash said...

What lovely pictures of you and your horses!

The Wife said...

Guess you'll have to name a horse Harley to stall in there! ;o)