Saturday, January 24, 2009

White! White! WHITE!

It is something that is nice on......
Wedding dress's
When it comes to WHITE on the GROUND!
I am really getting tired of it!
We have had a lot of snow this year.
Not as much as some people but still in all,
for our area it is TO MUCH!

This morning I get out of bed at 4:30 to make my routine trip to the bathroom.
I look out the window and think, Ahhh....NO SNOW!
After an hour of tossing and turning in bed,
(because once I am awake it is hard for me to go back to sleep),
I get up.
As I make the coffee I peep out the window...
and it is coming down hard! Everything is white!

Our weather man said in order to get rid if this inversion we are in
we have to have a little bit of snow to go along with it.

Well it has been an hour and a half and it is still snowing!

I want G-R-E-E-N!
and pretty flowers!
Leafy trees!
New Grass!

Yes I am tired of Winter!
I think the people that are "snowbirds",
their life is looking more and more appealing the older I Get! LOL

If you look closely you can see little white "THINGS" floating in the air...

This picture was an accident, but turned out pretty neat....

Looking at the light, you can see the snow.
It is coming down so hard, it is just a blur!
(It is hard to take pics in the dark)

So I am not in the best of moods this morning!
We are suppose to get sunshine by Sunday but along with that
we are to get temps in the teens!
I am tired of the trade offs!

Spring, Oh Spring, Where are you!?

I am waiting for the sun to come up so I can go feed.
I can just imagine the mood my horses will be in! UGH!
They are just as tired of this weather as I AM!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where is the sun???

We have not seen the sun for so long that everyone,
including the animals are getting grumpy!

The dogs are depressed.
The cats are grouchy
The Fish don't really care
the Horses are crabby!

I really see it in the horses.
Sadie really picks on Sissy,
and thank goodness,
Sissy is so sweet, she just goes with the flow.

I have so much I have to get done, and what do I do?
I spend my time reading all my favorite blogs.

The sewing itch has hit, and I want to make a ton of things.
Maneuvering in my craft room though is a bit of a challenge,
as this is where things get put that I don't have a place for.

I need to do some serious cleaning in there.
I would put a pic here but I am truly afraid my camera will
break from the over exposure. UGH!

So is anyone doing any types of crafting while we sit and wait
for spring time?
Let me know what you are creating.
I am working on baby blankets, Hooter Hiders,
Baby Slippers, Baby mittens, and I want to add
some hats to the mix.

Till next time.....

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am a bit old to be drooling, ooohing and aaahing about a character in a book. But honestly, Edward and Bella is a story of love and compassion that goes way beyond anything I have ever read. Even GONE WITH THE WIND does not compare. (I am not THAT OLD) Nor does TITANIC! Which Titanic is my most favorite movie of all time! WOW! I still get breathless thinking about it.

Anyway, Twilight is the biggest thing so far this year.

What is hard for me, is that this past summer, I go to the coast every year, and this past summer, I went twice!!!!! I was so close to FORKS, WA and never heard of Twilight! Most of the beach scenes in the film, are on the Oregon Coast, and I GO TO THEM EVERY YEAR! WOW! They were not filming the days I was there. See Washington does not really have any beaches. Mostly cliffs, and when you can get to the water, there is warning, about sneaker waves and such. Yes, Oregon does have some beautiful beaches, guess that is why I love the coast so much.

I came across a couple of sights that you Twilight fans might not of heard about, or maybe you have and I am just on a slow boat to China. Anyway, I took a little quiz, and I AM AN ALICE! That's cool.

I'm a Alice! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

I am reading the THIRD BOOK, Eclipse. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!! I should be all done by now, but I have a hard time getting the quite time to read. But I am slowly pluggin away at it. What an awesome series! Just love it! I can't wait till the second movie comes out!

Here are a couple of links you might enjoy:

I will work on getting reading time in today, I need my Bella and Edward fix...!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bees oh Bees oh Bees!

Yesterday the weather was so warm! It was truly an awesome day!
There was little critters out, like spiders and bugs of all kinds.
Right down the road from my house is a bunch of bee hives, and they
were no exception.

I am not in as bad of a situation as my friend who lives right next door to the bees.
She has them swarming all over her property and they are getting into her house too.

Her cats are getting stung and it is a matter of time before they start to sting her
and her family.

I don't know if you can read the descriptions here on the photos, but they speak very loudly.
(You can click on any photo to see it bigger.)

Now, don't get me wrong, I am NOT against bees. I love the product they create.
But these are sitting right along a hwy, next to residential homes.

These bees are on the inside of my friends home.

She finally sprayed them with windex. They are still alive, but soon to die.
Poor things!

They are fascinated with her bird feeder, and have emptied it in two days!

I was told by the owner, who was a jerk, that a Montana company owns the bees and transports them to California. He of course would not give me the name of the company and stated he had no way of getting a hold of them. I asked him, what happens if you have a problem with the bees, who do you contact? He stated he never has a problem. (Yeah right!) I stated that, I am sure you get paid for keeping the bees on his property, long pause, and he said not really. I said what do you mean? and he said that he gets honey from the Montana Outfit.

I am not sure if this is legal or not, with all the bees dropping dead from unknown circumstances in recent years.

I can not find a thing on the internet about the transporting of the bees, well except this photo:
Which is quite cute.

Anyway, if anyone out there knows anything about bees, I would love to hear from you.

I looked up the ordinances for my county and of course there is no ordinances concerning bees. This is frustrating. I would think that there would be a limit as to how many hives should be placed in one area though. But I can't find anything.

The bees are hungry!!!! I did find out that they need to be fed in the months of January and February to keep a healthy hive. This is most likely the cause of their wanderings.

There are so many other places to keep these bees where they will not pose a problem. Oregon and Washington is full of wide open spaces.

So I am asking for help. Anyone know of ANYTHING that could be helpful, let me know.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow and Sewing.......

I wanted to post sooner than this but I just down loaded my pictures tonight.
This is what we woke up to on January 3rd! A total surprise!

Here is a picture of our gate and the ground. It was about a half an inch!

I really was not a happy camper. But the sun came out later, and melted it all by nightfall! Yippeee!

Hubby went on a business trip to California and while he was gone, our son and daughter-in-law had invited me over for dinner and she made some Chicken Squares and they are the so good! I could not wait and had to make them the next night for dinner. SUPER SUPER EASY!

Purchase TWO tubes of CRESANT ROLLS (6 in each tube)
1 Pkg of Cream Cheese
about 4 stalks of celery
1/2 of a red onion.
4 Chicken Breasts cooked. (I boiled mine, and then chopped them)

Put the cream cheese in a bowl, and mix with the celery that you have chopped pretty fine, and the 1/2 of onion chopped finer. Mix well with the chopped chicken.

Take the cresant rolls and seperate. Flatten out to make them a little bigger.

Put a small amount, (about 1/2 an ice cream scoop) into the center of the large triangle shape as shown in the photo:

Then you fold the top down and attach to the sides as shown:
Then take the front point and bring to the top and over.

Pinch all edges closes.

Put them on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes, till tops are nice and brown.


Here are my girls: L to R
Sassy Frass, Taumee Mahrhee (in the back), and Sydney Mahrhee

Sassy is Sydney's Daughter. I bred her to a Border Collie on PURPOSE! LOL

They are called Coltrievers and are bred in England for service dogs, and Taumee is exactly that. She is my third hand when I need help carrying things. She is a packer and loves to carry. But I can not get Sassy nor Sydney to carry anything yet.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Horse Transportation

Well after 3 years of relying on very good friends to transport my horse and me around places, I have finally taken the giant leap to get my own horse trailer. It is a big step for me, as not really knowing what to get, was hard. I knew what I really wanted, but no way could afford it. So I came across this one and I sure hope it works. Right now hubby is packing the wheel bearing and then had to do a bit of welding on it. There is some rust on it, but for a 1970's trailer, it is relatively very good shape! I have looked at some pretty run down trailers that were a lot newer. So we will fix it up and replace some of the wood on the inside. The floor is in very good condition.

Pretty Blue color! LOL

See no dings!

I sure hope Sissy and Sadie like it! LOL
It would be a shame if they did not....

Sissy in the front, Sadie at the back. They were both little mud babies yesterday. So before I fed, they each got a good brushing to clean off the dried mud on them. They both looked so pitiful, and also enjoyed the good brushing too. I am sure they did it on purpose, LOL

Then Yesterday after an all night rain, I was out side and on my Iris leaves there were lots of rain drops. So I got my camera out and played around with the macro. Here are the results:

I will use photoshop and play around with the water droplets when I have a bit more time, and am feeling creative.

Feel free to use the comment button too and leave comments. I enjoy reading your comments as much as I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

Here is link for you to wander off too. It was sent to me, and I would copy and paste it all here but it is quite lengthy. I remember some of these, although I am "NOT", (i repeat-'not') that old! LOL Some I have never heard of, and some are down right silly.

Anyway, I hope you Enjoy the link. There is a lot of other things to look at on the website also:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

My New Year's resolution is to keep my Blog updated. We are just seeing the last of the snow flakes melt into the ground. YEAH! This year has really shoved to much snow at me! Normally I just love the snow, and the beauty that it creates. But I think we just got way to much of it at once, and and it was so very cold. So from now on, I put a ban on any more snow falling in Umatilla County! ha! As if "I" have the power over Mother Nature. NOT! Oh well I thought I would try.

Last night we had some friends over. Would of loved to have a lot more show up, but everyone had plans. We had an enjoyable night, and stayed up way later than we normally do. I am looking forward to this summer, and having a BBQ and inviting EVERYONE we know to come out and have an enjoyable time.

When it was very very cold out, I fed the little finches everyday. They were not at all bashful about coming up on the deck and picking up the seed I tossed on the ground. They looked like little fat chubby birds too. It was hard for me to believe that they could fly they looked so fat.

Well I found out why today! As I sat, drinking my morning coffee, I watched them come and eat their breakfast. They all looked so thin! It dawned on me that when the temps were in the single digits, these little birds fluffed out! They are not as brave either with these warmer temps.

This is a DOVE that came to eat every day for about a week.

Fat little Finches.

This little guy I think was of mixed origin. He sure was a cutie though.

Here he is with a finch. Quite a size difference.

Sadie says: "Make the SNOW STOP!"

Sissy, she doesn't care. She just goes with it.

Well this is it for the first day of 2009! Hope everyone has a good year this year.