Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bees oh Bees oh Bees!

Yesterday the weather was so warm! It was truly an awesome day!
There was little critters out, like spiders and bugs of all kinds.
Right down the road from my house is a bunch of bee hives, and they
were no exception.

I am not in as bad of a situation as my friend who lives right next door to the bees.
She has them swarming all over her property and they are getting into her house too.

Her cats are getting stung and it is a matter of time before they start to sting her
and her family.

I don't know if you can read the descriptions here on the photos, but they speak very loudly.
(You can click on any photo to see it bigger.)

Now, don't get me wrong, I am NOT against bees. I love the product they create.
But these are sitting right along a hwy, next to residential homes.

These bees are on the inside of my friends home.

She finally sprayed them with windex. They are still alive, but soon to die.
Poor things!

They are fascinated with her bird feeder, and have emptied it in two days!

I was told by the owner, who was a jerk, that a Montana company owns the bees and transports them to California. He of course would not give me the name of the company and stated he had no way of getting a hold of them. I asked him, what happens if you have a problem with the bees, who do you contact? He stated he never has a problem. (Yeah right!) I stated that, I am sure you get paid for keeping the bees on his property, long pause, and he said not really. I said what do you mean? and he said that he gets honey from the Montana Outfit.

I am not sure if this is legal or not, with all the bees dropping dead from unknown circumstances in recent years.

I can not find a thing on the internet about the transporting of the bees, well except this photo:
Which is quite cute.

Anyway, if anyone out there knows anything about bees, I would love to hear from you.

I looked up the ordinances for my county and of course there is no ordinances concerning bees. This is frustrating. I would think that there would be a limit as to how many hives should be placed in one area though. But I can't find anything.

The bees are hungry!!!! I did find out that they need to be fed in the months of January and February to keep a healthy hive. This is most likely the cause of their wanderings.

There are so many other places to keep these bees where they will not pose a problem. Oregon and Washington is full of wide open spaces.

So I am asking for help. Anyone know of ANYTHING that could be helpful, let me know.

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