Friday, January 2, 2009

Horse Transportation

Well after 3 years of relying on very good friends to transport my horse and me around places, I have finally taken the giant leap to get my own horse trailer. It is a big step for me, as not really knowing what to get, was hard. I knew what I really wanted, but no way could afford it. So I came across this one and I sure hope it works. Right now hubby is packing the wheel bearing and then had to do a bit of welding on it. There is some rust on it, but for a 1970's trailer, it is relatively very good shape! I have looked at some pretty run down trailers that were a lot newer. So we will fix it up and replace some of the wood on the inside. The floor is in very good condition.

Pretty Blue color! LOL

See no dings!

I sure hope Sissy and Sadie like it! LOL
It would be a shame if they did not....

Sissy in the front, Sadie at the back. They were both little mud babies yesterday. So before I fed, they each got a good brushing to clean off the dried mud on them. They both looked so pitiful, and also enjoyed the good brushing too. I am sure they did it on purpose, LOL

Then Yesterday after an all night rain, I was out side and on my Iris leaves there were lots of rain drops. So I got my camera out and played around with the macro. Here are the results:

I will use photoshop and play around with the water droplets when I have a bit more time, and am feeling creative.

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Here is link for you to wander off too. It was sent to me, and I would copy and paste it all here but it is quite lengthy. I remember some of these, although I am "NOT", (i repeat-'not') that old! LOL Some I have never heard of, and some are down right silly.

Anyway, I hope you Enjoy the link. There is a lot of other things to look at on the website also:


Mikey said...

Love the new trailer! That is a pretty blue!
I'll bookmark you and check back!

Rising Rainbow said...

I remember when I got my first horse trailer, it was about this era. It sure was easy to back up compared to the one I have today. Sometimes I miss that trailer. LOL

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. I'll add you to My Follower's List.

The water drops are stunning! You did good. I love to take macro shots, too.

Congrats on the cute, little robin's egg blue trailer. Now you're truly a full-fledged horse owner, ready for anything.
We have an old, 2-horse bumper pull trailer from the 70's, too.
I think the older ones are built better. :)

New Mexico

Train Wreck said...

Oh what a great "retro" trailer. I noticed you added me to your list. Thanks, I am just getting ready to draw the winner for my Follow me contest. Twice a month I have a random drawing to let my friends know I appreciate them. Good luck, and thanks for stopping by.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Howdy "neighbor"! I saw you in the following thing...and you aren't too far away!
LOL...we had an old 70's two-horse...yellow & white! Got lots of "compliments" on it :) Last winter Cowboy rolled it (empty, thankfully) off an icy bridge!
Now we have an old 4+ HEAVY uglier one we got in Prosser.
Actually, having a unique one sets you apart from everyone else...they all know it's YOU!
Nice to meet you!

Ice Pony Girl said...

It awesome having a rig! I love mine!! Live it every weekend during the riding season.