Monday, April 6, 2009

Whirlpool Cabrio REVIEW!

I like to test products.
I like to give reviews on them too.

So I will do just that.

A year ago my washing machine died. The transmission just could no longer hold out.
So we went machine shopping.
I had my heart set on the front end loading machines,
(its ok when it is at a laundromat if they leak!)
but was not to fond of the idea that you loaded it from the front.
I just did not want the agitator.

I came across the Whirlpool Cabrio at Sears.
A horrible nice young man was hanging up "SALE" signs
I asked him if he happened to have one for this Cabrio I was standing in front of.
He said "Nope" and walked off letting me stand there.

Now that WAS Customer SERVICE!
We left! Probably will not ever buy anything from Sears again.

So we went to Lowes.
I don't like shopping there.
Because I can walk in that store with my purchase in mind,
and as soon as I walk through those doors,
Just to darn much stuff to choose from!

Anyway they were having a close out/Damaged goods sale!
WOW! We got there on a good day!

The washer I got had a ding in the front from a forklift.
It was discounted.
NO PROBLEM! I can live with that,
because these things ain't cheep!

The first load I ran was towels!
Wow the colors were brighter!
The whites were whiter!
I was amazed!

1. Holds up to 10 pair of adult jeans.
2. I can wash ALL my towels at once!
3. Gets my clothes CLEAN!
4. Uses less water, therefore saving on the water bill.
5. My whites are white again!
6. It almost spins dry my clothes, taking less drying time!
7. Use's less soap to wash a load of clothes.
8. Very quiet when in use.
10. You can watch your clothes being cleaned.
11. No AGITATOR to take up space.
12. New dryer not required! Since the clothes are practically dry,
the drying time is cut down no matter what dryer you own.
13. I can wash King size bedding with a breeze!
14. I can wash TWO sets of Queen Size sheets at once!
15. Automatic balancer. No more having to rearrange clothing! (well you do "IF" it is totally all on one side. I had to ONE time rearrange the clothes in the year I had it.
16. The glass lid is quieter than the metal lid according to the salesman.

1. Does such a large load, more folding is required.
2. Only use (he) soap.
3. It beeps at me when done!
4. Yes the jean legs get mangled, but this is manageable.
5. Clothes are very wrinkled, BUT....if shaken a bit before putting in the dryer, they still come out wrinkle free.

Here is a photo I stole borrowed from a website
of the outside of my washer.
I have the white one with the clear lid.
This is the inside of it.
Another picture I borrowed from a website.

So there you have it.
On good authority.

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