Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dreams do come true!

Many years ago when I was in 7th grade,
I found a pen pal that has remained
a true friend for all these years.

Time passed.
We corresponded.
Snail mail took 3-4 weeks to get a letter.
I would eagerly wait for the mail man every day.
(I have every single one of his letters too...)
I am nostalgic that way!

Krisar Attila is how I have known him all these years.

I have since found out,
his FIRST NAME IS: Attila!
(how stupid I feel!)
All correspondence came addressed:
Krisar Attila.....

Eventually he married,
and had a daughter.


Isn't she just adorable?
(6 years old)

Then one day, Patricia wanted to come to the States and work for a summer.

Her dad, not to keen on the idea.
I offered my place for her.
I would watch over her.
Make sure she was safe!
He felt better about it.

I was like a nervous mom on the way to the airport to pick her up!
I told Rick that I felt like a new mom again,
Only this time,
No diapers.
No bottles.
None of the growing up stuff!
She was already grown.

Was she going to like me?
Was I going to like her?
The minute she stepped off the plane,
All doubt was gone!
We held each other
and bonded in a single moment!

Patricia came to the states to work during her summer break.
She was in Medical school studying to become a doctor.

She worked hard that summer of 2004.

She worked at Carlson's Drug in Umatilla.

With the help and faith of this wonderful lady who hired Patricia

Her second job was at the Dairy Queen in Hermiston.

Then right next door she worked at Oxford Suites.

She worked so hard that summer
We barely got to see her.

Cameron watched over her like a brother should.

Anyone that wanted to take her out had to pass his approval,
(and ours too, of course.)
before he handed her off to them....

All to soon that summer came to an end!

Before she left, she had met someone..........

The next summer she came back.
It was so good to have her back home!

Over the course of her second summer (2005)
their love grew.
and they married......

Then Patricia went back home to Romania for her last year of medical school
to get her doctor's degree.

it is my turn.....
I am finally going to realize my dream....
A dream I thought was out of reach forever!

I am going to meet my pen pal!
(and all of her family.)
Patricia goes home each year.
Last year she took her husband and his folks.
I was so jealous happy that they got to
meet my pen pal!

But I always say, "Patience is a virtue, and all will come around."
So this year is "my" year!

I finally get to realize my dream!
I only hope that I can get on that dang plane!!!!

Never flown before.
But the tickets are bought.
The trip is booked.
No backing out now!
If not for Patricia my dream would still be a dream!
SHE IS THE ONE that is helping to make all this happen!
Because of her, two families are linked together.
Two sides of the world will come together.

So if I seem a little scarce I am busy
preparing for this long awaited dream!
(May 26th - June 18th)

I will post when I can
and when I return, I will have a LONG
blog to post!
Thank you for visiting!


Mrs Mom said...

WHOOOHOOO!!!! Cant wait to hear the story Mrs C! (And please share your tips on conquering the plane issue ;) )

Fingers crossed for a smooth flight and an incredible time!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

What a wonderful adventure. Have a great time.
This sounds like a fairy tale!

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

That's a beautiful story of kindness, love and friendship that transcends borders.

What an adventure! You will be fine on the plane. Ask your doctor for something to take the edge off and all will be well.


Train Wreck said...

What a great story! I enjoyed it. Pen pal, haha that is what bloggin reminds me of. How exciting for you. Good luck. I look forward to more of the story. Have a safe trip.

Caprice- said...

WOW! How awesome to have a pen=pal for so long and after so many years get to go meet them. Have an awesome trip and take lots of pics to blog. Can you blog there?

Mikey said...

That is such a great story! So I want to hear the rest of it.. How did it go?