Saturday, April 4, 2009

Horse sharing. Really?

A Big word.
Means so much.

Yes sharing between horses is almost unheard of!
Isn't it?
Maybe my ladies are a new breed of horse?
As you watch this big little video,
I try to do a narration, but
My voice sounds so beautiful AWFUL!
(To think I wanted to be a reported when I grew up!)

Anyway, we had to fertilize the pasture, and needed to put the ladies
in our "L" shape.
Then fertilize the large part, and after a few days, we will move them,
and fertilize the "L" part.

So we moved their feed tubs to their new digs.
Hubby, moved the smaller of the two, and
by the time it got to its resting place, it was empty.
(He is such a good helper.)

That left ONE feed tub, WITH FOOD!
As you can see, Sissy does worm her way into Sadie's space.
Sadie allows this.
ONLY BECAUSE She THINKS Sissy is spraying her with water,
and I know that she made a one sided pack with Sissy
to quit spraying her if she was allowed to eat.

Didn't work.
As then SISSY gets wet!

Anyway, watch the video.
I hope you enjoy it.
Body Language in horses is so awesome!
(This is why I can't post everyday.
If there is a spare moment, it is spent with the ladies.)


Cactus Jack Splash said...

That is cute. My guys will all stand and eat off the same hay bale, they have the pecking order down pat so it works.

Beth...UK said...

Jody what a beautiful little baby Parker is!! ohhh wish i had more grandkids you're so lucky you all on the beautiful new arrival....
Just read your blog and it is real good and informitive...and
Take care now..