Saturday, April 28, 2018



He came up as a "pet" from a friend that raises some pretty awesome miniature ponies.

I am not on Facebook all that much anymore, and when I logged in, he had only been posted for 27 minutes!
I immediately sent a message and went to meet him that evening. 
It was LOVE at first sight, for me, anyway.

 His eyes are mesmerizing. Each one the same blue yet different.
He is in his woolly winter coat and the offer to clip him was on the table, but I said, no, I like the woolly ponies.
Good thing because the temps dipped dramatically in the last 48 hours.

Anyway, trying to get him into my little herd has been quite the challenge.

Everything seemed to be going pretty good, until Moon wanted to play with Cricket.
Well, MOM, (Scarlett) was not having any of it. 
Her and Moon put a wild stallion fight to shame. Moon pretty much does not take any guff and Scarlett is so use to bossing everyone around, that she was not totally prepared for what confronted her.
She could not boss Moon around.
Moon could not play or even look at Cricket.

With her little attitude, I would of sold her for a dollar to the first person that said they wanted a mini horse.

But, I just moved her to the barn.
Of course taking her away from Cricket,
(Second time of weaning), 
she was having a very difficult time.

She paced and paced. Would not eat, and seriously lost some much needed weight and has a path walked down half way to China at the barn corral.

So taking pitty on her, I moved Racer up with her. He is her mate, and they love each other dearly. Racer has a calming effect, and nothing in the world bothers him.

Scarlett was a bit happier but she still does not trust Moon, and will whinny her objections on occasion.

So now it was time for Cricket and Moon to be pals.
But by the looks of this, I had serious doubts.
They were both fine out in the pasture munching down on grass for the two hours they are allowed out. Once they are brought in for the day/night they go at it!
Seriously GO AT IT!
So While they were cooped up, Cricket spent time in the time out pen, and they got to know each other better and have their horsey conversations through a fence.

As time has gone on through out the week, their shenanigans have been somewhat less dramatic. Now it is, Moon who will instigate most of the play, then Cricket just keeps it going.

When I picked up Moon, he was pretty dirty. He would of gotten a bath, but the weather just did not co-operate at all. It was just to cold. 
So I brought him home, dirt and all. 

His tail was terribly bad. 
(Doesn't he look like a mini Libby?)
And it was getting to me. 
The next day was fairly nice, and so I dug out my shampoo's and conditioners and all the stuff you need to give your horse a bath.
I went to the barn and got Moon, and in order to get to my back yard, he had to go down about six concrete steps. 
Moon was a trooper. He navigated the steps as if he had done them a million times.
I tied him to the clothes line post just the other side of the fence, and proceeded to pick out all the dried yuck in his tail. When I got all done, his tail actually touched the ground.
Moon was so good about everything! Never once offered to kick or anything. 

 Then back up to the barn we went. He again navigated the steps like a champ!
So this week has been a long one, yet a short one. 
Keeping an eye to Moon and Cricket is about as bad as keeping an eye on a 
3 year old and a 1 year old HUMAN kids!
But this is what I have strived for:

Moon does follow Cricket all around. He loves Cricket!

And as I am walking away from the barn I turn around to see this and my heart just melted!
Welcome home Moon!

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Unknown said...

Moon is a beauty. You have a beautiful little herd.