Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yes...There IS a Second Tuesday of Next Week.....

I have been entertaining the idea of repainting my WHOLE HOUSE!
Just on the inside.
(Still entertaining the idea)

I thought I would start slow and small.
A few years back, I painted my laundry room.
Then I started on the master bath.

My biggest problem is deciding on the color.
If I knew what color, then I would of had my house painted a long time ago.

I am tired of the white, so I am going with COLOR!

Yes! I painted 90 percent of the bathroom with this 1' brush!
I figured I would be done, the second Tuesday of next week!

I can not find any before photos, but that is ok, cause it was just boring white.

Well there really is a SECOND TUESDAY OF NEXT WEEK!
Because TADA...
I am done!
This is our master bath.
Don't you just love those curtains? 

I even got our secondary Bathroom finished!
I think I like it better,
For Obvious Reason! 

Now to tackle the rest of the house!
What do choose?
What to choose?

1 comment:

Lois Evensen said...

Very nice! I especially love the shower curtain in the second image. :)