Saturday, December 14, 2013

Peaches, moving on:

Back when I was looking for a "PONY", it was for the grand-kids. I had hunted high and low, and finally found one a few hours away from us. I bought her pretty much sight unseen, and only thru photographs. 

I was a nervous wreck before she got here, and then I did not know what I was getting myself into.

Well as it turned out, Peaches was worth her weight in gold as a PONY! She did not have that "pony" attitude! She was calm! She loved her charges. She loved being with the KIDS! and anybody really. She went anywhere I would take her. I could put anything on her, over her and under her, and she took everything in stride. She did not get nervous, flighty or upset.  I found nothing that surprised her!

Well things did not go as planned and Peaches got bored. Then I think she got depressed. She did not have little children come to play with her, as I might of thought. 

The kids still wanted to "ride Wibby".  Peaches was a miniature Libby and blended well with my herd. Star paired up with her, and Buddy had Libby all to himself. Things went well. But I noticed as time went on, that Peaches just was not happy. It broke my heart.

So I put the word out that at first if there was any children that wanted to ride a pony that did not have one, nor could keep one, that I was willing to have them come over and ride her. I would supervise of course. But that did not happen. 

Then I put the word out that she was for sale. I did not advertise but only by word of mouth. I wanted her to go to a GOOD home, and did not want to get scammed by someone off of Craig's list or other "for sale" sites. 

Someone was interested. For the same reasons I originally bought Peaches. Peaches was checked out. Reviewed. Rode. and Led. Peaches so far had passed all the tests from the new prospective owners.

They wanted to try out Peaches for a week. I agreed because I like to "pay it forward". When I bought Libby, I got to 'try' her out for "THREE WEEKS!"  You want to make sure they will be a good fit.

Peaches loaded up rather quickly in this wonderful three horse trailer that showed up to take her for a trial run. It was like she was telling me, "I am off on a new adventure!" and was eager to go!

It was a very long week for me. I missed Peaches (Still do), I prayed everything would work out. I knew if given time, Peaches would worm her way into their hearts. She would be on her best behavior and be in the pocket.  She loves attention and has quite the personality too.

She did it! She wormed her way into their hearts. 

Peaches was a surprise for the grand-kids!  And oh what a surprise she was!

I saw this photo on Facebook, and the tears just fell!
(I think it was the Pink Bow!)
Peaches brought smiles to three little kids!
She is the best "first" horse for any child, and I know that she has a wonderful home!

Peaches put the "man" in her back pocket right off the get go.
(I think he kind of liked her a lot right off the get go.)

I do not regret finding Peaches a new home.
But I sure do miss her a lot!
So does Star. 

As a matter of fact Star is quite upset with me for sending Peaches away.
She is forgiving me a little bit each time I visit with her.
(Star sure does hold grudges and is slow to forgive!)

I look forward to reading about Peaches' adventures with her little riders.

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