Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Day After Halloween!

Star: Uh Oh! I smell Trouble!
 Yep! It is trouble all right! There is some scary things on that stump!

I need to save my rope!
 Those scary Objects are going to ATTACK!
Buddy: Peaches! You didn't run Fast Enough!
 Peaches: What do you expect from short legs?
 Buddy: I just can't look at you! There is a black blob on your head and you look totally silly!
 Peaches: How is this one? It blends better with my hair coloring.

Libby: Fine! I will entertain mother for you kids!  I actually think I look good in Orange.
Purple? But not so much the cone head thing.
 Okay! I don't need the toupe! I am NOT bald!
 But the blond locks I think work fabulous! 
Thhhhhh! There! NOW can I have my cookies!?
 Buddy:  Ok, This is as far as I am going to let that Orange thing get!
 Black suits me just fine! Blends with my stripe!
 You are NOT, I repeat, NOT going to turn me into a cone head!
Are we done yet? I know Libby and Peaches got some cookies!
 Earlier in the day I had gone and purchased some pumpkins.
Read where they were good for equines.
Well I tossed it out.
Rolled like a bowling ball!
Picked it up and threw it hard on the ground.
Landed with a thud.
On the third try, it finally broke open.
All the while Buddy standing there watching me.

When it broke open, Libby, Peaches and Star sniffed.....
Turned their noses up and walked away.
Buddy was the only one that ate any of it.
 Evidenced by his orange nose here.
 This is the most kissable nose and cheeks ever! 
 This is a conversation between Buddy and Star in that she is telling Buddy that she did not have to model anything because she would not stand still and would not let anything get near her!
I am HOPING, Buddy was telling her it was alright and she had nothing to fear!

ONE GOOD NOTE WITH STAR: I did walk her out the gate and to the trailer!
Second time of being out of the pasture!
There were cookies at the trailer!
Baby steps! Baby Steps!
This is Buddy! 
He is the best Donkey Ever!
Star is a good little girl, and has the best Bray Ever!
Peaches is so wonderful, and is the best Pony Ever!
And Libby, well She is just the best HORSE EVER!

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Lois Evensen said...

Awww, how cute! They seem to have enjoyed all the attention. Love those hats!