Thursday, April 21, 2011

My yearly Coastal Trip!

Graphic Intense!
Grab a beer cup of coffee and enjoy!

Portland = Big City = double UCK!
Going through Portland is hectic in itself let alone driving it
in a torrential down pour!
It rained from Hood River Oregon on Thursday afternoon
till Lincoln City Oregon, Friday night!
Gee, who'd-a-thunk?
Finally, our Destination
We have arrived at our destination!
Note the left side of the picture. (below)
On December 15th 2010, there was a storm that went thru.
It really was not that bad, but there was a tornado spotted not far from here.
At about 4 AM the roof was picked up by Mother Nature and gently deposited
in the left corner of the front facing building.
The only thing they can think of is that a wind sheer came up the side of the cliff and just picked the roof up.
Our little cabin we stay at. We just love it!
Isn't it just to cute?
One bedroom with a kitchen.
I would live here all year long.
I would like to live just ONE YEAR on the coast.
 The kitchen.
How we dress to go beach combing in OREGON!
 YES.... It was COLD! and WET!
A Walk down to the beach!
131 Steps both ways.
The building to the left of the stairs is our motel. (Note Roof missing)
The steps are long! 
Of course it is fun going down,
lots of work coming back up!

Stuff found on the beach.
 First time I have found a star fish.
This one was alive, and after a photo shoot
I put him back into the sea.

 Taumee found a lone stick to play with.

 And then she chased these little birds that moved in unison with each other.
The only rock pit on the beach.
We found some awesome agates in amongst these rocks.
I look for agates more than shells these days.

West Coast Sunset!
The only sunset we got to see on the beach.
And it was spectacular!

 Do not know these fellas
but loved the shot.

Searching for something!
A Ship!
 We went to Rockaway Beach searching for the hull of a ship that wrecked
100 years ago, and had not been see for the last 35 years.
She was covered up again!
Well at least we had fun.

Native Birds
 This was a bus of kids, and they were feeding the birds.
It was entertaining.

 This is THE ROCK LADY, and she paints rocks!

 Awesome rocks!

 Indian rocks!
And YES!!! I bought some rocks!

New Friends
This year brought some unexpected meetings.
 We came across a dog confused by a cat that wants to be friends.  It was quite fun to watch them. I was slow on with the camera, but the cat walked right up to the dog, and rubbed on him. HE DID NOT know what to do. Then the cat walked away, and The dog kept thinking he had to chase that cat!  It was just to cute.
Stopped at one sale, and got to talking with the Mrs. and found out they were from Hermiston.
Then found out, HE WAS AN EX BOSS, from like 30 years ago!
WOW! I am still speechless on that one.
It was totally awesome that we ran into each other though,
and really made my weekend!

 Then met a wonderful lady and her hubby from Canada!
Maybe next year we can meet up for the next City wide yard sale.
Yeah, it is THEIR FAULT I went to see the Rock Lady! Teehee.....
Glad I did, it was a sight to see!
 Then met up with Chip and his person!
Another neat friendship born on the beach.
 Chip and Taumee had a blast too!
Chip looked for Taumee on the beach each morning.
He just had so much fun, running circles around Taumee.
Isn't he just way to cute!?

Interesting things:
 We drove by this lighthouse looking, livable, obstacle.
 Taumee found her own little cafe on the sidewalk in Depot Bay!
 Oh and the adoption process for Lucy is complete!
Isn't she just adorable?
Her favorite place to travel is in my purse.
Can you see them?
 Here let me zoom in!
Went to a yard sale across the street from these and
 made mention of the ELK across the road.
They had to make sure that I knew it was called a "HERD".
ummm..did not know that! :))
They sure are majestic!
Interesting part of town.
Came across this road which is in North Lincoln City, just past the Casino.
We were looking for a secret trail.
We never found the secret trail, due to the up cropping of house's all over the place.
But did find this street with houses of all kinds labeled:

Low Tide
Monday morning was the lowest tide for the month, and so far this year.
1.9' below sea level.
 Almost can not see the ocean!
 Got on the ocean side of the rocks which is a rare occurrence.
Strange that we found nothing amongst the rocks though.

 Yes, I froze her too!
I like sleeping with cooler than normal  temps.

On the way home,
between milepost 118 and 120 on I-84 East,
reigns a herd of sheep.
This the best pics I have ever gotten of them.
There was talk of removing them at one point because they are a road hazard
due to people like me diving for the bar ditch in hopes of getting a few photos.
I pulled off to the side of the road, and then LOOKED!
and we were rewarded.

We skirted this storm all the way home.
Taken just west of Boardman, by Three mile Canyon.

See this car?

See this pile?

YES! It and the dog all fit!
Can't wait till next years city wide yard sale at Lincoln City, OREGON!
It is a lot of fun!
Because in following yard sale signs
and yard sale maps,
you get to see country and neighborhoods you normally do
not get to see when you are from out of town!
And really....
The weather wasn't so bad!


Mikey said...

Excuse me miss, but is that an orangutan in your purse?!
I surely missed something about Lucy somewhere. That photo just totally threw me!
What a great trip. Even though it's cold, it sure looked like fun!

Lois Evensen said...

Wow, that was a wonderful trip! So much fun, so much to see, so nice to find an old friend! :)))) Thanks for taking us along.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I envy you! I would have taken one step out of the cabin, realized it was cold and wet, and gone back inside.

And look at all I would have missed!!!

You made my day, just seeing what some energy and curiosity got for you!

And I love seeing another person who takes her dog with her.

Unknown said...

I was JUST telling six yesterday that it's time to head to the coast! This is agate time after all :D I love all the pictures and who knew about the city wide sale! Not me... Although that may be a good thing.
I love Lucy ♥