Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yeah she has many names!
But today
I gear her up.
Tried a different bridle on her today
because she tosses her head so much in the other one.

Today we go out to the pasture.
I point right, she walks right.
I point left she walks left.
She did NOT throw a fit today!

Yes she tossed her head a few times,
but it was not a PISSY toss.
I checked her bridle and the bit
was not correct in her mouth.
I could not get the buckle undone to tighted it up
and I think the bit was bothering her.

She paid attention to me the whole time.
We did several changes
Right, Left. Right, Left.

Then my back was hurting so much,
We ended the session.
So, we TIPPY TOED all the way home.
I walked so slow....
I thought,
"Gee, Sissy could walk with an old lady with a walker!"
Yes we did.
Ever so slowly. We even went down the drive way,
Just so it was not a straight shot to her pasture.

Walking slow.
Once in the pasture,
we still walked slow.
It felt good.

So today was a good day all around.
Now, I need a trainer to

Physical teaching!
I can read all there is to know.
But I need to be shown.

Like Collection.
HOW the heck is that done?

So I will be looking for a trainer to work with.
I admit it!


Reluctant Cowboy said...

Woohoo! That is so great!

It is not uncommon to travel an hour once a week to travel to a lesson or we had a trainer come to a group of us once a week. The tri-cities should have a good trainer to train in the type of horsey stuff you want to do. If you can get some friends together and a common place to ride it is a lot of fun having a trainer come to you guys plus a lot easier than trailering your horse.

Remember to have fun through all the sore muscles. :)


Karen V said...

Skip is right, we do have some good trainers up here. I am NOT one of them.

Like I said on the phone, when you have someone on the ground yelling at you (so they can be heard) "Inside leg! Bump! Bump!" or telling you to get after the pissy little snot, it somehow becomes "ok" to get after them.

I know a trainer here(WP). I'll ask her if she can recommend anyone down your way. There may be a resident trainer at Columbia River Equestrian Center (in Irrigon) who could help you out.

Jocelyn said...

buy the book centered riding by Sally Swift, it will answer alot of questions and things you can work on before the trainer comes !:)

Karen V said...

I just re-read your post and a light came on...BING! (yeah, sorry, I'm slow sometimes...)

You talked about her throwing her head and thought it was the bit.

First of all, have an equine dentist check her teeth. If she needs a float, that could cause the head tossing.

Also, check your saddle! My big grulla mare will toss her head and fuss with Mike's saddle. We've never found anything wrong with the saddle and the trainer says it fits, but there is something wrong with it. We put it on a different horse and he did the same thing.

Just sayin'...