Thursday, March 25, 2010


Ok, First...MY APOLOGIES for taking so long for a post. 
Just that time slips away so quickly, and with the time change
we are busier than normal.
Don't ask me, doing what? because I could not tell you. 
At the end of the day, I know it was a busy one, and I am tired!

Anyway, after getting quite dissapointed in PISSY SISSY, I finally am back on the 
schedule to take lessons.
Last Tuesday was my first lesson in two years.
The first round of lessons, gave me the knowledge to work Sissy from the ground.
She listens to me 99.9% of the time from the ground. lessons will consist of Riding and getting Sissy to listen to me from the saddle!
Here we are at my first lesson.
We only did walking and changes of direction.

These pictures are from my second lesson.
Sissy appears to be paying attention as well. 
This lesson was geared towards trotting!
Oh Boy!
(Excuse me, while I clear the room. One of the dogs just passed gas, and it has taken all the oxygen OUT OF THE ROOM!)

Ok, I think I can breathe now....

My instructor (Click for her web page.) is just awesome!
She is very patient with me, and knows how to teach.

So my second lesson consisted of 'Trotting'!
I was so nervous. I know that the trot is a very hard thing to accomplish,
and I was afraid of being bounced out of the saddle.
But I got better, NOT GOOD, but better.
At least I stayed in the saddle, and that was one for me!
Sissy could even anticipate when the time came to trot,
and I would only then have to say, "trot" and she would do it.
By the end of the lesson, though we walked around the arena, so that
Sissy would not anticipate all the time.

At one point I was giving her mixed signals and we were all over the place.
She does have a good WHOA which I am thankful for.

Then at the end of our lesson, my friend that went with me, her daughter and her horse
came down to the arena, and Sissy, being the little socialite she is,
started to act up, because she wanted to see her 'buddy', and
my instructor guided me through some circles and had me stop
with Sissy's back to them.
Nice and quiet!
Sissy did not even care after that.
I was so thankful that this happened at my lesson, so that I know what to
do the next time.

At one point in the lesson,
I was stopped,
sitting on Sissy,
my instructor asked me what my goal was.
I told her that it was to ride Sissy by the fall, comfortably.
"BUT", I said, "I won't ride in the wind, or rain."
She gives me a funny look and said,
"Sissy does not know when it is windy out, or when it is raining.
It is just a part of her environment and if I ONLY ride when the weather is nice
then "I" am teaching her she can't ride in the wind and rain."

It all made so much sense to me that I just cracked up laughing so hard.
Really tickled my funny bone, because she was RIGHT!

I was teaching my horse to be a fair weather rider!

It is not like I have to go for an hour ride in the wind and rain,
she told me,
just a 15 minute ride would work,
but I was to get out there and ride, ride, ride!

So, I have not ridden since my last lesson!

But I will! The weather has been pretty windy!

I just do not feel comfortable as of yet, to just go get on her.
But I will! I KNOW I WILL!
The day is around the corner!


Gail said...

Oh, my gosh! Horses trot???? I will never be able to stay on.

I have purchased Horseback Riding For Dummies. It is not that my horses are bad, it is that I am a bad/no confidence rider.

Gail said...

I forgot to say how you are helping me get brave.

Karen V said...