Friday, February 5, 2010

Sometimes ya just gotta go for it!

This week Cody has been getting off the School bus at my house.
I love it when I get to have him over.
He is at the age, when I wished I had a bunch of rabbits, 
or chickens, and a goat or two.
Maybe even a pig or a cow. 
A mini pony would be perfect for him!
Anyway, I have been trying for a MONTH to get some good pictures of my Ladies.
All I get are Blurry ones.
Butt ones.
Tail ones.
But never any really good ones.

Well this week, Cody has been going out to help me feed.
I take the camera with me, and Sissy did a few little jaunts in the pasture, but nothing that I could really get a good photo of.

As I got their hay, out I handed the camera to Cody, and asked him to just hold it.
He did. He held it up like he was taking pictures. 
So I took it out of the movie mode, and put it on pics, and told him to 
Take all the pictures you want.
He was having a great time!
When I down loaded the pictures that he took,
My heart skipped a beat or two, 
because what YOU are seeing is through
a Child's eye!









"I" had to get a photo of my photographer and his subjects!


I think all next week, I am going to put Cody in Charge of the camera!
He does way better than I do!
Oh Yeah, did you notice something about the pictures that Cody took, VS the ones I took?

I will give you a hint......


Gail said...

Great job, Cody! We have been waiting to see some pictures.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

He did a great job taking photos.

Scrappy Doo said...

Wonderful pics! Kids and camera always give us a fresh perspecive on life

Reluctant Cowboy said...

Nice pics and a good lead for the next birthday present :) When I was that age I was on an allotment on how much film I could go through.....Digital cameras are the best.