Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Hummin machine!

My sewing machine has been humming non stop!
I have been in a sewing mood, and boy have I been sewing!
I made some outfits for Briann, my grand-daughter.
Here, her mom is doing a photo shoot, and Briann was enjoying it
in the beginning, but then things went south when it came to the Yellow outfit.
She was looking for a pocket and couldn't find one!
So I know what each outfit is going to need now! LOL

This outfit is reversable!
It turned out a lot cuter than I had planned.
The hat that goes with it, is just the perfect accessory!
This outfit is made from t-shirts. This one is really cute, But.....
This one just not so good!
Looking for pockets!

Here she is upset, because she could not find her pocket!
This one, was the cutest of all I made.
So I sewed up something for Parker. 
It is so hard to sew for boys!
There is just nothing out there that does not look cheezy!
If it looks half way decent, then it is a pretty difficult pattern.
So most of the clothes are going to be for Brainn. 
Girls outfits are sometimes just to easy to make.
But here is Parker
 modeling a vest I made.

A close up of the vest.
It is REVERSIBLE too, and here is the camo side,
with a hat to match!
Next I will be sewing something for Cody.


Dee said...

Holy cow!!! You are super talented with that machine. I really, really, love the 1st outfit.

Scrappy Doo said...

Cuteness!! You have TALENT!

Carol............. said...

I'm envious of your sewing talent! The outfits are just so cute.......

Love your sign on your last post!

Karen V said...

How cute is THAT??? Makes me wish I had a little girl! Oh wait... we have our first grand-daughter due April 4!