Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hello from HUNGARY

I made it! The flight from Portland to NY was terrifying. The take off and landing was something totally never in my experience. Once up in the air I was ok. There was a bit of turbulence.

We had a five hour lay over in NY. Did not get to see much, as you are stuck in the airport the whole time. It was a very long five hours. Then we get on the plane to Hungary. OH MY! That was a very long flight.

We boarded at 5pm west coast time. 8 pm NY time. It was just getting dark. We have only like 4 hours of darkness before it gets light once again. This was very strange to me. A lot of people slept on this flight, but I can not sleep sitting up, and the chairs are not that comfortable so needless to say, I did not sleep.

It was so good to touch down!

I finally met my Pen Pal. Attila. WOW! Many years I have waited for this.

To put time in perspective, Hungary is 9 hours ahead of West Coast time. N.Y. is 3 Hours ahead of West Coast time. So you set your alarm clock to get up at 6 am on Friday morning. Over here in Hungary I am sight seeing at 3 PM in the afternoon.

We went to see Diana's Dresses. It was fantastic, and well worth it. Pretty awesome. They however, DID NOT have any free flyers, or newspapers. I was disappointed in that!

We then took a tour of Budapest by bus which was a double decker English style of buss. It was really interesting. I am still amazed that we did not sideswipe a few cars. the streets are so narrow, and the bus's are so big! We also got to ride the subway to different areas and this was quite fun and entertaining. Such a nice way to get from point A to point B around here as the traffic is something I would never want to attempt. People have to wait till they are 18 in order to get their drivers liscense and I can see why. I am surprised they allow it at 18 and not 21. teehee.

I can not wait to put up some pictures as well as you want to see some. But soon though.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Bags are packed! Am I Ready to go?

Well Sort of!
I just have a few last minute items to toss in.
I know by the time I get there, my back is going to be killing me!
What with sitting in the plane all those hours,
and lugging a back pack around for a carry on.
Plus a big purse, cause you know
I had to kind of buy an oversized one for my "personal" item!

My nerves are stretched to the limit!
Never being on a plane before, and scared to death of them,
I am taking a leap of faith taking this trip!
Yes, I have to have faith!

I have never had a panic attack before, and I do not plan on having one now!
just thinking.....
Lots of Hail Marys and Our Fathers will get me through!

My son sent me his DVD player. It arrived in a very nice carrying case.
It is to big to put in my back pack, so I made a case for it.
That way it would not get all scratched up.
I plan to catch up on some movies I have not seen yet.
I knew I was buying them for some reason when I caught their sales.
I would pick them up here and there.
Not getting out to the movies much,
I just wait till they are on the 5 dollar rack at Wal-Mart!

I also have a couple of books to read,
not that I will be able to concentrate on them, I'm sure.
A couple of Puzzle books to work on.
A journal I can take notes in.
Lots of pens and a couple of pencils,
(gotta have my pens!) LOL

Gosh I am going to miss everyone at home!
My girls.....

My Boys.....

My Ladies......
Sissy and Sadie

Oh yeah, and my
I Love you honey.

kids too..........
Cameron & Shelby
Shanna & Phillp

And Grandkids......

YEPPERS! I am traveling WAY OUT OF MY
A trip of a life time!
I am looking forward to it!
Honest I am!

Leaving Monday the 25th to drive to Portland.
Get up 2 hours before the butt crack of dawn
on Tuesday,
(not that I would of slept any, I'm sure)
board the plane on or about 6:30 AM.

Fly for 5 hours,
(if we are not stuck on the tarmac with a traffic jamb,)
Land in NEW YORK~

Have a 5 hour lay over,
Of which I am greatly appreciative of.
I will need the break.

Then board the plane for HUNGARY!
That will be a 9 hour flight! WOW!

We will see how far I get!
I just might tell Patricia that I will
just hang out in New York for three weeks and await her
return trip home!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Count down to blast off...............

Ok I should be packing.
I should be re-packing.
I should be making a list
checking it twice......
I gotta get in some pictures too!
My nephew found a rabbit, and brought it over.
It is the cutest little thing!
And of course my girls just had to mother it!
Here is Sydney, the blond, wanting to clean it, and mother it.
Sassy on the other hand,
Well lets just say,
She thought it was a toy!
That moved!
She was a good girl though.

Then My Iris's are blooming, and they are all purples and
copper colors, Except this one!
Isn't it just beautiful?
I wished they were all this color.
Oh that is the Columbia River in the back ground.

My Iris's after the wind beat them to a pulp!

Sadie and Sissy, checking out what I am doing.
Got Cookies?

Sadie is the most prettiest red color this year!

She kept licking my hand and then would yawn......
I love horsey kiss's!

Update on Parker
He is growing like a weed.
I am glad to see he still has his hair.
He is actually sleeping in this photo.
Stinker sleeps with his eyes open, and rolling his eyes all over the place!

Then Rick left me to my packing and planning.
So he organized a bike ride!
200 miles they went on the hottest day of the year so far!
It was nice in the morning, but by the time they all
rode back into town,
there were half dressed bikers, with
very bad sun burns! LOL

I will try to get a posting done before heading off on my trip!