Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lightening STRIKES!~

Tuesday Evening about 6 PM on August 6th
a storm moved into the area.
They has been predicting Thunderstorms but I never put to much
stake into the weatherman's claims because they never usually develop around here.
But this day was different.

The clouds rolled in.....

Sydney hid.....

The lightening strikes...

This is only TWO of the many pictures I took trying to capture the light display.

Is it?


I saw the lightening bolt that started this fire!

The smoke grows and grows.

As the sun sets it is just gorgeous.

It is only gorgeous because I know that know homes are threatened.

I am sure it is a wheat field that got hit.
There are only crops up on top of the hill.

About an hour later the fire trucks went out.
Took them long enough!
But they finally got it out.
I hate the smell of a fresh put out fire!

1 comment:

wilsonc said...

Bet that wheat farmer was not a happy camper.