Sunday, August 9, 2009

The frog is healing and Sissy on the mend!

Sissy's Second vet visit went very well!
I was so relieved.
Four days ago her frog has split down the side.
When I told the doc this he did not seem to be to happy,
and stated this is why he wanted to see us on Monday instead of Friday.
Since Sissy and I had to hitch a ride,
we had to come on the availability of our ride.

But when doc took off Sissy duct taped shoes he was very surprised by how clean
her hoof was.

I asked him, "Did we do good?" and he said "yes".

So the split was nothing.
The doc was happy.
Sissy feels better.
And I am quite happy.

Here Sissy is after doc started to clean and cut out her frog.
She is finally bearing all of her weight on her hoof.

Doc was kind enough to pose for a picture.
His assistant Jennifer is in the back ground.
She has the best job cause she pet Sissy, and I think Sissy liked her too.

If Sissy can see what is going on, she does not mind holding still.
She was such a good patient today.

Doc cut out most all of Sissy's old frog.
Here you can see the new frog growing in.
I thought it was bone he was exposing at first.
But it is brand new frog, and looks so nice.

No more rinsing and re bandaging every evening!
No more Bute and Sulfur paste.

Here is my best friend, and her daughter.
She helps me with Sissy, and her farm is the
"Whinny Craig Ranch".
A place for fat horses to go and loose weight!
(Usually Sissy and Sadie!)
(My pasture is very rich.)
Plus Sissy is recovering at her place.
Her place is solid sand!
Perfect environment for healing hooves.

This is the inside of the clinic.

Outside of the clinic.

Nice place to sit and relax.
I have found a new Doctor for my pet kids.
The Riverside Vet Clinic in Pendleton Oregon will be
our new doctor from now on.
I know that the doc who worked on Sissy is awesome.
There is A BONUS in all this too!
He is good friends with Sissy's farrier and so therefore he is allowed
(by my request and his suggestion)
to discuss Sissy's case with him, and between the two,
they will give Sissy the best of care.

Yes I have called her Farrier and left a message, since it is the weekend
I did not expect him to answer. He needs days off too.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow, I had no idea that a frog should be cut away like that. I sure hope Sissy is doing better now and steadily improves. Looks like a nice place there.


Mrs.C said...

Glad she is healing up so nicely.