Monday, October 9, 2017


Cricket arrived on April 7th at 10:30 PM. IT WAS CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION! He is a silver bay and is such eye candy in the pasture! Scarlett had the best and most rich colostrum I have ever seen. Within two days he started to crash and it was Skittles all over again!!!! I thank the Lord that there was a new doc in town and he saved Cricket! He was a very sick boy for awhile but he pulled thru!

Today he is six months old! 

An ornery little cuss he is! But very smart too! 

Scarlett had a difficult time accepting him so she got the shot the put her thru labor again, and since then she has been a very good mommy.

So it should be weaning time, but I have a very hard time taking him away from mom. I am hoping she will wean him on her own and she is doing it a little bit at a time. I want Cricket to have a good mind set about him, so nothing to traumatizing for him. 

He is a lap baby, and I have taugh him to lay down by picking up his front left foot. He is of course to big to lay in my lap now, but he will lay down beside me. 

We are working on leading nice and calm now. Every day we work on leading he does a lot better than the time before. In the beginning he was really a very naughty boy. When he doesn’t get his way he likes to bite you. So we are working on this. Being a little stud colt it is a natural for him to do so. I can’t wait until his Jewels drop! They will go bye bye and that will take care of the biting. He knows he is not to bite, but the temptation is so raw for him. 

This was when was a couple weeks old.

My lap baby!

Crickets moto! 😂

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