Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Scarlett, Racer and Skittles

We finally got moved in. What a whirl wind of a year it has been. When we purchased this place we did it with the intention of dividing it and selling our youngest son and family a portion so they can live close. Little did we know he would sell his house sooner than planned, and have since been living with us. It has been a long year, but a fun one. Everyone is ready to have their own house. It has been a joy to have two little boys under foot and watch them grow from day to day. I can't wait till there is a well worn path from our house to their house!

Since we moved hubby upgraded his Harley. I upgraded to two new ponies!
Below is Scarlett and she was with foal when I got her.
 Here is Racer of whom was intact when I got him!
 And this is Skittles the product of Scarlett and Racer!
Skittles was born on 6/6/15 but unfortunately we lost her on 6/12/15. We tried very hard to save her but in the end she lost her battle. It was very rough going.  She was loved by all who came in contact with her. Everyone following my Facebook account was very supportive and I thank you.

Unfortunately Racer has been fixed, and so no more babies here.

I will try better to keep my blog updated. Seems that with Facebook my blog gets lost in the mix!

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The Dancing Donkey said...

I am so sorry about little Skittles and......congratulations on the new house. Certainly sound like you've had a very busy year.