Monday, November 12, 2012

Miracle Healing:

About a year ago,
a very good friend of ours, 
had some major medical surgery.
I won't go into all the details, 
but I do know he was very very sick.
Crashed three times, and nearly lost him.
To the amazement of his doctors and nurses, 
he recovered and is now back home and doing good.

Well except for one this:

This is a scar left from the surgery on his tummy.
He would NOT heal.
A scab would form, but then come off when he took a shower.
He conversed with his doctor and was told that 
it would never heal, but they could fix it when he has his next surgery.

It oozed continuously.
He could not put a bandage on it, nor keep it covered either.

All his shirts were ruined from the seepage.
So he took to wearing black.
NOT his favorite color.

He came over and was telling us about it, and then showed it to me.

So I ran to my tack room and grabbed THIS:

from my supplies.
Took it to him and told him to try it.


I explained all the miracles I have seen and read about on the internet
with flesh wounds on horses!
That it was amazing stuff!

So I sent him home with some.


That VETERICYN is amazing stuff!

He is anxious to show his doctor the results and is happy now to be able to wear shirts in other colors besides black.

He did say there was one side effect of using the stuff:
"He now has an uncanny craving for Hay and Oats!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our friend still needs the surgery which is scheduled some time in March.
So this spring if you are out in your garden, or you are sitting outside.
Send a little prayer "his" way, 
for a good surgery and an even better recovery.


50+ Horses said...

Thanks Mrs. C! Prince's bite is getting smaller each day but I'm interested in picking up the med you've written about and adding it to my First Aid box. Do I need a prescription from the Vet to get it?

Fort Western Stores said...

What an idea. Can't say I would have been brave enough to give it a go. Glad your friend is healing up nicely, and I hope to hear positively about future surgeries.