Thursday, August 2, 2012


There is a new additon to the pasture.
Her name is SAIDEE!

She comes to me as a free lease 
from my instructor.

They love her dearly,
and knew that I missed
Izzy's presence in the pasture.

Saidee can't give lessons, nor can she do gaming or hard riding.
She can only do light riding.
Which is perfect for me,
because my riding is mostly walking,
and sometimes a trot, and not for any distance.

When Saidee was 3, she got a very small one inch cut on the back of her front hoof.
It was just deep enough, it injured the tendon.
She is not in any pain, and has a slight limp.

Also Saidee developed a habit of 'sucking wind'.

Read about Neville Bardos and his wind sucking horse HERE.

She started doing it when she was recovering from her tendon injury.
Mostly out of boredom, because recovery was quite a long time.
It does not hurt her.
She won't get sick from it.
She does have a collar that keeps her from doing it,
but with all my sprinklers I just don't want her rubbing her head on one, and getting it caught.

She is quite cute about it, cause I will catch her doing it, and say:
"Saidee! STOP IT!" 
She will turn her head and look at me with this look of:
"Were you talking to me?"

 I was offered to have Saidee,
because her mama knew she would get lots of love and attention in my pasture.
And I need Saidee.

Libby is awesome, but she is not an attention hoe.
I miss that, and Saidee fits the bill.

As a 'new' mom, of course I was very nervous, and I agreed to a trial 
stay at my house.

I N T R O D U C I N G:
She is quite plain in color,
but she has a blaze that is oh so cute.

Her mane and tail are a flaxen color that sets her aside in the beauty department.

 She is also, Fluid Beauty when she moves!
Her mama said that she is the only horse she knows of that gets dreds in her MANE!

Saidee is very inquisitive.
Knows her name.
Loves attention!
The first to greet me!
Will hang out with ya.
I can lead her with just my hand under her chin!
Saidee loves to take passengers for a ride.
Enjoys a good belly scratch and will scratch your back/butt in return.
Enjoys lots of kisses, and will lick your hand in appreciation.

Saidee, though, 
has not made very many points with her pasture mates she has moved in with.

LIBBY: "Shed hog! That use to be mine till you moved in! At least I would share with the donkey's!"
Saidee:  "Get use to it!"
As time has moved on, Saidee WILL ALLOW one of the others to share...
but only ONE at a time!

Next on the adjenda is to add onto the lean-to so all can have shade.

They like it in there, because for some reason, 
the flys do not bug them in there.

So far, Saidee is a keeper.
Libby, Star and Buddy might think otherwise.......


Reddunappy said...

She is very pretty! I dont think she is plain at all! That mane!! Beautiful!
Hope you have a great time with her!

Christina said...

She's a beauty! No doubt will get along well with the donkeys!

Ginger said...

Saidee is very pretty, she sounds perfect for me.

50+ Horses said...

She is gorgeous! Looking forward to hearing more about her!!