Sunday, July 29, 2012

Buddy Has EARNED his keep!

Eldest Grandson called and wanted to know if he could come out and play with the donkeys and Libby...


So he shows up, and delightfully announces he wants to 


So we "I" go round up Buddy. 

Lately, every time I go to put a halter on Buddy, he walks off.
So I have doing the "chase" around 
Which consists of a good pop on the but with the lead rope,
and run him off.
Buddy is getting better and each time the "chase" is not as far nor as long.
I think he is getting the hint.
Today, he did not run near as far. 
I think donkeys are a bit more lazier than horses...
(Good for me....)

After we arrived in the round pen, with an entrarage
of on lookers:

Libby: "Oh Goody Goody, I get a free meal!"
Star: "Lets see how many ways there is to get into the cookie tub."
Saidee: "I wanna play too!"
(Oh yes, Saidee...another blog post forthcoming.)

I showed Cody that to brush your donkey before riding was
a relaxing, and meditation time to bond with him.

Then I showed him how to clean his feet.

All the while, blue T-Shirt was over grandsons nose,
because: "Ewwwwe! They stink!"

For the first time ever, Cody did a really good job, and Buddy helped by standing very good.

Then it was time to desensitize,
by jumping up and down along side,
and then hopping onto Buddy's back and lay across.
Buddy stood stellar still.
When Buddy gave me the look, of 
"I am ready to move on now. This is quite boring!"

I told Cody it was time to hop on.

Then I asked Cody to show me how he would
get off Buddy quickly if needed.

(OH HOW I WISH I was as agile as that kid!)

I worked with Cody to get Buddy to move,
and how to get him to move when Buddy decided to
glue his feet to the ground.

(We will have more lessons on this.)

I eventually un-hooked the lead rope
and Cody was then maneuvering Buddy all over by himself.

Buddy was an absolutely wonderful 
student/teacher today.

I am not a teacher by any means, but I am trying to pass on
SOME of the knowledge I have learned thru my lessons with my 
wonderful riding instructor.
Lessons I am still learning.......

The following video, cracked my up!
Cody's legs were getting tired as you saw at the end of 
the first video.

Then this happened:
Yes, Buddy has earned his keep.

Of course Libby, earned hers too.
He just had to ride both:

Gotta love,


Nikker said...

Buddy the Rock Star!
What a good Hee-Haw he is!! (0:
Can't wait to find out about your new horse!

50+ Horses said...

Absolutely awesome!!!! Good Boy Buddy!!!!!! :)

Cactus Jack Splash said...


Ginger said...

Love Cody and Buddy! Looked at this yesterday..came back for a return visit today.