Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What is THIS?

The neighbor had a yard sale.
I found this gadget....
Can not figure out what it is?
Can YOU?
 I will help out a bit by eliminating a few things I thought it was for:
It does not hold potted plants very well.
 I could make the triangle ring,
but the shape did not help out to much.
 I could not crush any rocks with it.

 It doesn't hold the fence up. Matter of fact, it will pull
a fence down. The cast Iron it is made of is quite heavy.

Poncho was only mildly interested and Libby showed no interest at all.
 It is not very good for a trailer hitch.
 Nor for holding a bike rack together.

 You could hang it on the wall,
 or from a turkey cooker....
 It will roll from a door handle,
 It not very good at hanging from your pocket
 or holding your keys.
 It is not very useful as a post holder,
 It is not very good at pulling roots out of the ground either.

 Can't hold a gate closed.
 And as for a dog toy,
they could break a tooth!

So If any of you know what this is, 
feel free to let me know.
You are right,
(cause I think I know what it is)
I will send you something very nice!


Reddunappy said...

LOL I have no idea! And I cant cheat and read the pat# either, the letters and #s on it arent clear enough! LOL
I am curious!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I've spent too much time zooming in and enlarging those photos and I'm still stumped. Curious to know!


Unknown said...

OK, I WIN. :O)
with a whole lot of help. Marilyn

Well there’s a first for everything. It’s a shoemakers tool called a “stretcher”.

It’s for stretching the shoe leather in an area of the foot where a client may have a Bunion.


mrscravitz said...

Teehee, Yes, you win! "Unknown" Person! LOL