Thursday, December 9, 2010

Parcel Post VS Priority Mail

I went to the Post Office today to mail some packages.
Today was a day that the post master was quite talkative.
He was explaining to me that CHEAPER is not always the best.

IF you send a package PARCEL POST
and at its destination
the recipient has MOVED
even if it is just across the street,
THEY will have to PAY 
the postage YOU Paid on the package to have it delivered to them!
If the mailman can not find the address and your package has to be 
sent back to you, 
YOU have to PAY AGAIN for the postage to get it.

Now isn't this STUPID!~?

If you send your package
none of this happens.

So for the few extra cents it costs to send your package
Priority Mail,
do so. 
It will save you in the long run if anything happens.


Mary said...

Did you go here in Umatilla? Because I have discovered that the postmaster man there is very talkative, but he doesn't always know what he is talking about. He made me pay $1.24 to send my Christmas cards internationally, while it actually only cost $0.98. We checked with the post office in Irrigon afterwards. This is kind of annoying.

I also wanted to send a letter to my Swedish bank not too long ago and I would have liked it to speed up the process so the bank would get my letter faster, which I have done in the past for less than $10, according to Mr. Postmaster it was now $28, mostly because he had already printed a standard label for my letter and probably didn't want to change it. All in all he is nice to talk to, but as I said he doesn't always know what he is talking about it seems.

Gail said...

Great advice!

Lois Evensen said...

I really like my post office and the people who work there. They've always been very helpful and, as far as I know, accurate.

I've been putting only 98 cents on cards to Norway and they are all getting through just fine.