Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Roses and Bugs!

Here it is, almost the end of October, and I still have roses!
My Pussy Willow tree provides a little to much shade, and
so they have grown quite tall.

I love taking close ups of my roses.

 They are so pretty!

Then there was this huge guy!
He was on my screen door and one of my girls spied him.
I could of swore I heard the critter hissing, but not sure.
So I rescued him, and for that he had to give me a photo shoot!

I am not a bug person,
I love Praying Mantis's.
They are good and do you know they prey on
Yes they do!
So I will keep them around all the time.
I only see them occassionally.
I need to research them more, to make my garden more friendly for them.


lifein3dee said...

What gorgeous roses!! And the praying mantis pic was cool.


Rudee said...

I could have used a praying mantis to kill my own wold spider last month.

The Wife said...

What beautiful roses! We have wolf spiders. I usually name them!

Gail said...

We use to catch Praying Mantis and place them in the garden.

Your roses are wonderful.

Nezzy said...

Your roses are beautiful. I have 38 but we have had killing frost and mine are toast! Sad, very sad. I am always happy to accommodate the good bugs in my gardens. Great Pics of your visitor, an yes I too have heard them hissssss.

Have a wonderfully blessed day surrounded by beauty!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! What awesome photos...the rose and the mantis!

No roses around here. We got snow the other day. It didn't stick, but cold weather has arrived now.


Glennis said...

Lovely roses, good to know praying mantas actually do good in the garden.

Paula said...

These are about the only bugs I tolerate! They are cool looking!