Thursday, May 23, 2013

Experimentation in horse cookies.....

Libby, Peaches, and the donkeys are quite particular when it comes to their food.
Grass in any form is what they prefer. 
Oh and of course they go nuts over Nickers and whinny's cookies. 
But that is about it. 

Discovering that Libby is 17 years old this year hit me pretty hard. 
I thought she was 13.
Time flies.

Anyway, my riding instructor suggested I start giving her some Satin Finish.

The first time I offered it to her I added a bit of senior feed to it to spice it up.
Everyone gobbled it up.

Second day they all took a few bites and turned their nose up at it.


She always liked the horse cookies,but never went nuts over them.
She just ate them to please me I think.

Libby has an uncanny way of when her body says it needs something she will eat it.
Such as sand clear. She will only eat that periodically, and sometimes turns her nose up at it.

So I have been experimenting with cookies! 

Here is my first batch.

I tried making different shapes and the turd looking ones have held together the best.

My first batch I used just satin finish, a bit of senior feed, and water. The cup cake ones fall apart pretty easy.

Then I looked on the Internet and all recipes call for flour and oil as the binder to keep them together. 
Did not like the idea of the flour but did try it. Worked well.

Third try, I used wheat bran instead of the flour and still used the oil. 
Worked awesome.

So now when I take out cookies to the pasture I get nickers and lots of attention. Libby now will walk up to me instead of me having to walk all the way to her.

YES..... I am the cookie dispenser!

Oh and the senior pieces resemble choco chips, so they think it is extra special, cause I said it was. Lol

I can't give measurements as I just scooped. About two scoops of satin finish. One scoop of senior feed. And one and half scoops of wheat brand. One cup of oil, and enough water to make every thing stick together. I used a tea kettle of water and still had to ad some. Then filled cup cake tins half full. Baked at 350 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes. Or till hard. Don't want them to soft as they will break apart.  Then I left the cookies in the oven till the next afternoon when I got home from work and bagged them up.  They are not crunchy hard, just firm.

Just use your baking skills and they should come out ok.  

I do have a little muffin tin that I was going to put in my yard sail so I had to go dig it out, and those turned out the cutest.  They look like mini muffins.  

The experimentation continues. I want to invent a cookie that one can put medicine in. Like worming paste. I don't have issues with that, but some people do. Kind of like those pill pockets for dogs and cats. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Today was farrier visit day, and everyone lines up for their turn. 

Star of course uses her antics to get noticed. 

She normally does not pick things up unless it is a rope or a halter.

She will squeeze her way in for attention. 

"Looks like you need some help there!"

She is quite the little entertainer.
Everyone got their feet trimmed and feel so much better.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Michael Johnson, A great story teller....

I first heard about Michael Johnson and his great story's here:

Horse and Man explains it much
better than I ever could.

I was hooked at the "Perfect Bit" story.



And it is so WORTH IT!

Not only does the author himself tell the stories,
His voice really does draw you right into the middle of it!

Not all story's are about horses,
So this is really a nice set for ANYONE!

Check them out at his website:

(I have no vested interest except that I totally enjoy his stories and wanted to share them with everyone.)