Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ride like you been drinkin'!

It was two days before Christmas and all through the town
The skies opened up and the rain sure did come down!
A quick stop at the liquor store,
Some toasted Marshmallow I sure did score!
A couple shots in some eggnog sounded mighty fine.
As I sipped it and drank it, Visions of Clinton Anderson filled my mind.
“Ride like you’ve been drinkin” he always proclaims.

 So after the second one I did so with no shame.
I threw on my hat, the cute one that’s all black.
Shoved my feet in my boots, no room for slack.
Staggered out to the pasture, and what did I find?
Libby and the donks were all hunkered down from the rain.

Sloshing thru the mud I grabbed her quite quick
Trying not to fall as the mud was so slick.
Grabbing the saddle and heaving it up high
I missed the mark by a hair and a mile and over her back it did fly.
Just when I swear I saw some reindeer in the sky.
Quick as I could I ran around behind
As the donkey let out a bray, my foot hit a rock and I fell flat on my face.
With a mouth full of dirt, I gave Libby the eye
She turned and looked at me and heaved a big sigh
As I stumbled and picked up the saddle, I thought,
“Clinton Anderson! You got be rattled!
Ridin’ your horse after you’ve been drinkin is for the birds!  Is what I’ve been thinkin!

SO all covered in mud from my head to my toes
I walked back to the house to clean up my clothes
I heard Libby and the donks proclaim as I walked out of sight
Merry Christmas and have a good night.