Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blue Monster Ball

 Libby: Oh no! There is that dreaded Blue Monster!
 Poncho: Keep Ignoring it.  Maybe it will go away.
 Libby: I will go hide behind you.
 Poncho: It is still there.
 Poncho: Here, Let me move it out of the way.
Poncho: OH! I remember playing with this. It was actually a lot of fun!
And our human laughed a lot!
Poncho: Oh Dad! Did you come to play?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mouse Collector!

See this innocent face!

Isn't he just adorable?


In my 50+ years I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER
had any mice in my house!!!!
Till this innocent face shows up!
Just look at that smirk on his face!
And why this year, I don't know.
The beginning of the mouse hunt!

Two weeks ago, I/we tore the pantry apart.
I thought I saw some suspicious activity in there.
Not until I started bringing things out,
did I find some really bad evidence!
There was a mouse in there!
And he stayed in there till the very last item was brought out of the pantry!
Jumping from box to box!
As a last ditch effort he dashed through all the cans on the floor in the kitchen and ran
and hid around the corner into the laundry room
under the dryer/washer!
I send youngest son in to get some mouse traps!
By the next morning, in the set trap the
Poor little thing met his demise!

Screech: "I'm bored! I think I will go catch a mouse!
Bring it in the house, and watch the humans try to catch it!"

Maybe because he is getting more adapt at catching them?
He has a way of bringing them in,
with a meow that announces his prize,
and they RUN!
and HIDE!

If not for my dogs, I would never of known I had a mouse.

Taumee was totally interested in the area under my desk.
I actually thought she was very interested in her toy box which I thought was odd.

But then I saw
Sydney totally focused in on something
UNDER the desk!

So I got my gloves on,
Grabbed the flash Light!
and here was this little mouse, 
cleaning himself all nice and pretty!
He had no idea I was about to grab him!

Since he was a baby mouse, he had no fear!
I swooped him up,
Took him outside
and tossed him into the neighbors pasture!
If he knows what is good for him,
I did not think to get photos of the mouse
because when I realized what the dogs were so
attentive about,
My main goal was to not loose site of him!

Screech better start earning his dinners!
If not, then his dinners will be less often,
and maybe that will get his attention and he
will start to look at mice as part of his food chain
instead of part of his collection!